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Yoga Dance

Yoga Dance sTrevor Cohen photoessions give us presence, centredness, aliveness, calmness and ease in a systematic 4 stage process that prepares us for whatever the day brings. Each session takes us on a comprehensive journey exercising, refreshing and defragging through Stretching, charging, discharging and integration. Based on bio-energetic exercises that activate our energy throughout the body. the session concludes and leaves us with integrating body, mind soul and spirit in a beautiful grounded, alive and meditative space; ready for the massive, packed days of TJ.

– Calms an overactive mind
– Greater sense of peace
– Reduced mental and emotional stress
– Increased energy levels
– Reduced habitual and chronic muscular tension
– Great physical workout
– Improved ability to be present & connect with loved ones
– clears energetic blocks to our natural flow of energy
– FUN!