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Our lovely Shunya Bell will be joining us again this year to facilitate a beautiful Kirtan night for us all... we are so blessed to have so many wonderful facilitators come and share their gifts with us

There are many workshops list below and other special opportunities include:

An Evening Session Round the Fire - Storytelling with Native American flute and drum chants. Crow has lived a wildly adventurous life, and in this 1hr session, she will share with you stories of living primitively in the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina. Describing traditional ceremonies not written about in books. You will hear her play the Traditional Native American flute and see and hear her buffalo drum as she teaches you some wonderful chants.

A Twin Falls Rainforest Walk - Pre Breakfast Session A Morning practise. The entrance is right near Koonjewarre. It will be a lush 4km walk through magnificence with an invitation to mindfulness with every step, breathing through the soles of the feet. Led by Mira 

And a Sound Healing. A 50 minute pre breakfast offering of a group sound session by Clara. 

Love Life Matters - Foxxy & Robert J

Want to have more merriment than you were allowed as a kid?

Join Foxxy & Rober t J in this highly innovative and experiential workshop … and give yourself full permission to bring back the fun, frolics, and laughter into your life. 

Get out of your head and into your body through improvisation, creative movement, play and sensuous dance.   Find your inner beauty to create your performance piece of unique artistic expression.  

(Optional:  If you’re game and want to take it to the next level… you may have the opportunity to perform to the entire gathering of the Joining.)

Growing Community - Robin Clayfield

Growing healthy community needs the same love and care as a vegie garden, a food forest or the raising of a child. Like all of us humans it requires a supportive group environment in which to thrive. What are the elements that grow community and assist our groups, teams, organisations, businesses, relationships and families to be at their best? We will  garden the answers together and harvest the gifts of our collaboration. This session will focus on this years Joining theme and support people who work for 'the solution' to be more effective, successful and empowering through using 'Dynamic Group' work, creative problem solving, harvesting solutions and fostering collaboration.

Biodanza - Catherine Borgeaud & Jazmin

Biodanza is an uplifting fusion of music, movement and social connection... a delicious invitation to the dance of life. This sweet space creates real bonds between human beings based on connection, togetherness and love, immersed in ecological harmony.

Invite levity, joy and depth in a delicious package of uplifting music, specific playful exercises and movements individually and together, which are intentionally designed to create authentic bonds enhancing the spirit and cohesion of the group.

As we open and transform in our hearts, experiencing the deep organic connectedness between ourselves and all living things, the world around us also transforms. We step into the flow of conscious care and connection, which is the living, breathing essence and heart-beat of community.

We will experience together sensitivity and aliveness, restoring innate beauty and sacredness of our human diversity.

Creating a playful life – Pravas

This is an experiential workshop with no dogma or doctrine. Though playful movement, stillness, silence, creative document creation and sharing you have an opportunity to find another way to navigate your death and your life. You will draft your own chart/plan and carry this away with you for the rest of your life. A gentle experience that culminates in joyful celebration of your new found  playful beauty. Jump on board - what do you have to lose??


Taking You Beyond… words, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and no sex!

How willing are you to leave your minds at the door of this workshop? Yes! an invitation to be out of your normal control systems! How delicious could this be? Would you be willing to embody orgasmic living? Now sometimes we have a few blocks and stops on the way to orgasmic living!! Would you be willing to let these blocks go? We will openly be, being and discussing this energetic vibration in this class and clearing all the misidentification we have decided this is! This class is about empowerment and gives you the space to be you and have true choice!

Shadow Work - Warren Huck & Steve Smythe



Have you ever had an intention to head in one direction in life but something within causes you to go in another ? if so this may be your shadow running the show. The shadow only has real power when we fail to see that it is there. Shadow Work is about becoming conscious of and owning our entire experience of being in the world, when we can see the full landscape we can choose to act differently. This simple process has the ability to unveil things that are hiding in plain sight. Challenge and food for thought are assured.

The Sound of Connection – Clara Durbidge

In this workshop participants will be invited to enter the realm of sound weaving. Sound weaving is the art of sounding what is present, translating information into sound. Sound weaving requires one to listen closely and speak little. In this workshop we will explore our voice as our instrument and our sound making with others through interactive play. This is not a performance or a singing choir, it is an opportunity to be vulnerable in one’s own skin and to experience the beauty of shining innocence that comes with that.

A Collective Grief Ritual - Mirror Mira

You are invited to join a collective grief ritual, to share a story of sorrow, grief and loss and be seen in what is often an isolated and individual journey. There is no processing here. This is not a place to fix each other, try to understand, give advice or identify what’s been broken. This is a place to honour the inevitability of loss, to witness each other and make space for a communal sharing of what is beyond comprehension. If grief or loss is present in your life, you are invited to gather in a gently held and facilitated ritual space. Together, we'll light a candle, sit in silence and acknowledge the sorrow inherent in life. And hold each other if it is required.

Please bring for the ritual;

a picture of a loved one who has died or

an item that represents any loss you are grieving to place on the altar

flowers or any other offerings you'd like to bring

song lyrics or a poem that speaks to the pain of loss for you

Welcome Lasting Love through the Spirit of Community! -  Shannon Ichikawa

With words, beyond words, in play and stillness, my community supports me into greater and more beautiful Lasting love with myself and others!!

This workshop involves movement, laughter, sharing, connection - all with the intent that we support the brothers and sisters in this Circle to Welcome Lasting Love, whether that be with the self, family, friends, your romantic partner, or in finding that special someone to build your future with.

We collaborate to lift each other up to a bigger, more joyous and harmonious experience of Love. Connect, Share, Grow, Play, Be Inspired to Welcome Lasting Love!

Compassionate Boundary setting workshop - Anne Miller

We are all familiar with the need to set boundaries. However, how skilful are we at setting them. Whatever relationship you are in whether it is with yourself, family, friend, partner how you negotiate, set and maintain boundaries will directly affect the level of fun, joy and connection everyone experiences.  This fun and down to earth workshop goes on a creative and perceptive journey into the deep soul life qualities of our humanity. Through diving into yourself in relationship to discover the hidden gems that will help you create the life you want to share with others.

Come and be in a safe environment where you can share and explore as much as you are comfortable with. You will begin to understand what boundaries are on an experiential level, the stages of setting boundaries and how each stage can be addressed in ways that can even be playfully beautiful, and beyond words. In the dance of relationship knowing some good moves is both rewarding and heart warming.

This work is flexible and will suit both beginners and people with experience.

Mural Art Experience - Marc Bright

Marc has dedicated his research into developing his understanding of spirituality for 30 years.

In 2002 Marc‘s Passion as a Joyologist mixed with body art painting and intuitive insights he began channelling as a messenger for the people he painted at spiritual events.

These Insights were powerful, and often very Profound. This led to further study into the power of activating colour paints with crystals and beautiful earthy fragrances and materials.

Sacred geometries and Ancient cultural symbologies were also the subject of further research. Marc has felt his artistic and intuitive senses were heightening and over time brought more empowered messaging thru to his Sensory Body art Readings.

Imagery and Personal Growth Journeying Statements began to link together seamlessly during the application of the Art to mural canvesses.

The Art of Playfulness - Tamara Playne

Would you like to rekindle a sense of free-play and creativity? What would you create if there were no barriers? Come into a space of possibility. Relax knowing that judgement and busyness are put to rest. It’s time to say ‘yes’ to your playfulness. Using plenty of colour and textures we get the creative juices flowing. I’ll show you some easy ways of combining media and materials. And you are off to explore! Create quietly on your own or together. By the end you will have made a firm friend with your creativity and you’ll want to get together more often.

Working with your Angels through voice, and Movement - Black Crow Walking



During this workshop, you will connect physically with your Angelic team who will show you where your chakras are blocked and what is going on for you by moving your body as you make a sound.

You will learn what the lesson is that you came onto this planet to learn. How to shift negative energy and blockages. You will learn about the harmonic frequencies in your physical system and how to heal yourself and others

Juicing Up The Theme of The Joining 2019 - Organising Circle Theme Session

This years Joining Organising Circle will take everyone on a journey into the theme for the 2019 gathering ‘The Spirit of Community - Playful Beauty, Beyond Words’. Using creativity, art, movement, group work, engaging facilitation and play we’ll dive deeply, right from the start, into conscious connection, building community and into the essence of what the Spirit of Community is for each of us personally and collectively. The results will be colourful and profound.

The Dance of Life - Will Bulmer

The dance of life is both a morning health practice and a life affirming ritual. It is based on the shamanic traditions of the Cherokee people of North America and involves using movements and chanting to weave the energies of life together and harmonise them within ourselves. The life energy cultivated in the practice is then offered, with a sense of prayer and intention, out into the world and into our lives.

Open Space Sessions

Open Space Technology is a way for all kinds of people, in any kind of organization, to create inspired meetings, events and conferences. Although a meta process that creates space for there to be little structure there is actually quite substantial structure underlying the process and supporting the sessions to happen easily and effectively. In the context of ‘The Joining’ this year, having ‘Open Space’ for a one x 1 ½ hour session will enable several topics or offerings to arise out of the gathering, the theme or the community culture.


Zenthai Shiatsu

"Zenthai Shiatsu is a lush movement based therapeutic massage modality. You are treated fully clothed on a futon style mat and each treatment is customised according to your needs. Zenthai shiatsu addresses the structural body as well as the emotional and energetic body. Great for sore backs, shoulders, stiff necks, tight hips - you name it. Walk away with more freedom of movement, feeling balanced, relaxed and refreshed!"