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2016 Program

Our program for 2016 featured another incredible array of offerings from our local, national and international presenters.

Each year, facilitators are asked to present workshops that speak to the theme, which for 2016 was “Weaving the Invisible Threads of Community”.

Special Guest Presenter – Darren Percival aka Mr Percival

Darren Percival

We were thrilled  to announce that Darren Percival aka Mr Percival as our Special Guest Presenter  and he was working with us throughout The Joining. Some of you may have experienced his magical ability to weave within community the expression of the human voice at Woodford. His passionate heart will inspire, uplift and connect you.



Exploring the Sacred Feminine – Robina McCurdy


Discover, embody and express your Sacred Feminine and become a potent
catalyst for positive change in the world.  Learn about how she is honoured
in different cultures and her connection with earth’s regenerative powers.
Explore the relationship between feminine vulnerability and power, through
imagery, storytelling, poetry, meditation, dance, emotional express and
release techniques and ritual.

Drumming Workshop – Elliott Orr

photo -IMG_1544-2

Here in the 21st century it would seem nearly everybody has had a crack at slapping a drum skin. Through 22 years of facilitating this process, throughout Australia and beyond, Elliott has witnessed the weaving of invisible threads of community and knows firsthand the depth and breadth of how thoroughly connected we are. All walks of life, all ages, all races, all genders; we are all the same, we truly are all one. We all need connection, to feel love and be included. The drum circle provides this in an immediately gratifying way. Come and get amongst it! Besides, it’s fun!!


Happy Heart, Healthy Community – Robin Clayfield


What does it take to be a strong, resilient and healthy community that’s conscious, supportive and respectful? A community that says “Yes” to whole systems change and transformation that begins on the inside of each of us and extends out to our intimate relationships. Out to our family connections and friendships, to our neighbourhoods, our communities, suburbs and towns. Spreading, connection by connection, to every country, every place on earth.

It takes you and me, every one of us taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. As many of us as possible connecting our hearts and our energies across space and time to form conscious hot spots of vibrancy and health on every level.

This workshop will explore and strengthen the roots of community. This community. Any community. Like trees in a forest standing tall by ourselves we’ll begin by examining our own strengths and challenges. What connects us to others and what gets in the way? And like trees in a forest we’ll look to multiplying and vitalising the micro-organisms, bacteria and mycelium that connects us all in a living energetic web beneath the surface of the forest, beneath the surface of our daily lives, patterns and ways of being and doing.

Supporting the Feminine – Steve McKenzie


This workshop will help men understand the difference between feminine and masculine, including a meditation to clarify that within. It will be men’s work in conversation and action about the importance of the healing work needed by the feminine and how we as men can support and hold space for that, both within ourselves and with women.

Being Intimate with Authentic Connection  ~
supporting threads of community through depth and realness – Lilamani
The threads that make the texture and colour of our community can have a big variety of shades and strengths – from connections with our closest and dearest lovers and friends, to those who are on the periphery of our community.  In this workshop you’ll be lead through tantric practices, dance and movement, to support a deeper sense of your true discernment and intimacy, as well as strengthening your healthy boundaries.

Living From ‘Eyes of Compassion’ Instead Of ‘Eyes of Judgment – Bill Lee-Emery


Bill Lee-Emery

We contract or expand ourselves as human beings from within the qualities of our own internal living community. But if that inner community is fractured, dis-connected and abusive, we cannot live as fully and expressively as we wish.

When we change our view and regard ourselves from ‘eyes of compassion’, everything changes. We allow ourselves space to evolve and grow. We drop perfection and self condemnation. We give ourselves the best chance of really living fully and expressively. In a real and visceral way, our internal community is blessed. We can be kind to ourselves at last. Via dialogue in small groups, inner exploration and guided meditations, this will suit those ready for a deeper level of inner peace and connection.

Erotic Nature: Women in Wild Communion – Vanessa K Vance

Vanessa K Vance

In ancient Celtic times in order for a king to rule he had to marry the land, the goddess of the land. Claiming our erotic sovereignty puts us in direct connection with the earth as a lover; her soft hills and curved valleys, dark moist caves and hard mountain peaks can be found in our own bodies, to be explored in deep reverent communion.

This work shop takes women on a personal erotic journey with their own bodies as one with the land and the wild. Through discussion and ritual of breath, sound, movement, touch and awareness we will explore what it means for us to find our expression free from fear, shame and guilt. As we undress our structured lives and constrained beliefs about our bodies and sexuality, we find and remember our natural erotic innocence; that we are as pure life and love, powerful, wild and free.

When a community of present and grounded sovereign sexual beings gathers together the earth vibrates with orgasmic bliss! We are nourished, and the earth is nourished too.

Liberate! with Vanessa K Vance and Peter Thomas

Vanessa K Vance



Peter Walker (Thomas) and Vanessa K Vance will guide you in a powerful ceremonial workshop that will open the opportunity for you to let go of guilt, shame, blame and resentment.  With simple teachings, sharing, demonstration and interactive ceremonial exercises, we will facilitate an opportunity for you to take a journey; one which enables deep healing between the feminine and the masculine, both within yourself and with the other, in all your relationships.  Once the veil is lifted we will continue on into greater intimacy and connection in the workshop space, providing tools that can then be taken out into The Joining gathering and into your life.

Kundalini Yoga with Fiona Kaminski 


 This Kundalini Yoga session before breakfst offers a powerful and dynamic blend of physical postures, breath work, movement, meditation, mantra and relaxation, the combination of which helps to raise our consciousness, and increase our flow of creativity, manifestation and connection with each other and the divine.  It is important participants have not eaten for two hours prior to session. Visit www.lovekundalini.com for more information.



Discover true freedom… freedom from mind -based on The Work – Byron Katie presented by Rob Clark

Rob Clark

In 2008 Rob became aware that since he was about 8 years old he had believed the story that told him he was a failure, not worthy, hopeless, that he did not deserve happiness… and on it went, on and on and on… for another 42 years… he was not a happy man.

Rob discovered who he is without this bullsh*t story, He learned that he was simply a man doing the best he could with what he had believed to be true at the time… and he found his self forgiveness and inner peace.

This interactive workshop will give you an experience of investigating the false stories so many of us have based our lives upon. Based on the work of Byron Katie (thework.com) you will learn a powerfully simple process of inquiry into the thinking that leads to stress, depression, anger, resentment etc.

If your story supports you to be happy, content and at peace then you do not need this workshop. If on the other hand you suffer with… (fill in the blanks) then come along and discover who you truly are without that story.

Discover true freedom… freedom from mind.

Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony Workshop – Adrian & Monica Mornalia

Adrian MornailaMonica Mornaila

Ecstatic Dance is a conscious movement practice that invites people to drop out of their minds and into their bodies to unwind and open to inner wisdom. Dance, Music and Cacao Medicine are the centre point of these ceremonies catalysing ecstatic states, where conscious mind limitations dissolve, opening the doors to the vast subconscious intelligence. It is an opportunity to connect deeply with self and others in fun ways words cannot express. A gracious experience to meet yourself as you are and open a space where you can see beyond who you think you are… It’s about you, freedom, joy and honesty.

For some dancing is walking to their edge of fear and stepping over! We will dance on a blend of world and contemporary beats to loosen the energy body, relieve fears and tensions and discover the still point within where creativity and coherence reside.

For thousands of years, cacao has been celebrated as a food of the gods. Together we will drink a cacao elixir, giving ourselves the opportunity to enter into the stillness and wisdom of our being. This journey will offer a space to expand your awareness of self, be moved by the flow of love, expand your intuitive awareness and cultivate your connection to the Source of life. When we come together we come in peace to create a deep space of shared practice, transformation and community, co-creating a spontaneous and unique experience based on the collective energy.


– It is often suggested to not eat for 6 hours before consuming cocao for ceremony. While this is definitely an invitation into a full experience, please be mindful of what your body needs. Eating “lightly” during this time is just as well, and if you really have to eat, EAT!

– Drink a lot of water during the day prior to the ceremony.

– No talking on the dance floor

– Dance however you wish

– Respect yourself and one another

No dance experience required***

Unlocking The Invisible Threads of Judgement! – Sarah Be


A Community is often traditionally defined by exclusion. I would love us to look at how we can create community from inclusion instead? Exclusion is often non -stop judgement of ourselves and others, and we tend to function from this as if we require this separation from each other? What if we do not?  Would we be willing to let go of our exclusions, inferiorities, and judgements without judging ourselves as we go!!   I wonder what a community could look like if we chose to function from the expansiveness of inclusion and contribution instead? This class is a highly interactive class! So bring your questions and Sarah will begin to unlock the room by following the energy……!!

Creating the Invisible Threads of Intimacy! – Sarah Be

Would we all be willing to create intimacy with each person in the community!!  I do not necessarily mean copulation although it can include that!!! What if we could begin functioning from much higher levels of vibration? At these higher levels of vibration we have honour, trust, allowance, vulnerability, and gratitude for ourselves and judgement is not possible! It actually destroys our energetic space! Would you be willing to give up creating from judgement and begin to function from Intimacy instead? I wonder what our community could be like with each person being willing to have intimacy with themselves and each other?  This class will be a highly interactive class! So bring your questions and Sarah will begin to unlock the room following the energy……!!

A Toolkit for the Empowered Masculine  – Peter Thomas


If a hammer is your only tool, that’s what you use.  If you expand
your toolkit you have choice, key to your empowered life.  Through
teachings, practices, activity & application this session will provide
tools for men to utilize every day to navigate your relationships,
first with self, then life & then others (in that order) – including
the women in your life.
Weaving the New Story of Other – Jo & Pravas

ReflectionPravas and Jo invite you to an experience in appreciative enquiry. What we believe to be true determines what how we live our day to day lives. Through the language and discourse of daily interactions, we co-create our relationships. The purpose of inquiry is to stimulate new ideas, stories and images that generate new possibilities for action.

A safe place will be created where you can transform old negative stories, regarding the other gender, into new hopeful ones. Together we will explore the nature of Masculine and Feminine within ourselves and amongst ourselves. Weaving new optimistic stories helps us renew our own lives and the life of our community. There will be time for quiet contemplation, group interaction and grounding the new stories through dance and ritual.


Tapestry of Parenting – Jo O’Shanessy


Jo will provide an overview of the principles of strengths focused, compassionate parenting. As an experienced child and family social worker, Jo will facilitate your exploration of any number of parenting issues including (but not limited to) discipline, single parenting, blended parenting, sexuality and adolescent behaviour. The experience will include meditation, group discussion and action planning. The objective is to emerge a more confident, imperfectly perfect parent.


Weaving the Invisible Threads of Community through Dance and Ceremony –  The Dance Connection – Christine Clegg and Will Bulmer 

photo-3Photo on 16-05-16 at 9.07 AM #3

Dancing the truth. Dancing with what is. Dancing in the moment. Dancing from within and without. Dancing in the spirit of the gift.

Here we meet each other in a space which is not of mind, nor of words, but of movement which embodies and communicates the essence of heart and soul. We dance with presence, invoking the power of possibility, calling in our dreams for this life.  We dance with joyous abandon, reckless honesty, and authentic expression.  And we are witnessed in that.

Chanting Circle with Kate B

Kate B small

We gather.  We become still.  We join our hearts in song.  We share harmony.

Join Kate for this chanting circle gathering where we will sit together and create our group sound, our ‘one voice’.  As each of us finds our inner place of stillness through sound, we are led to more presence and connection with ourselves, others and the Divine.

Music is magic, it weaves, it flows and through it we create space for all of us to come together as one, one sound at a time, one voice at a time adding to the web of unity. Singing together synchronizes our heartbeats and we connect as one beating rhythm, physically, energetically and spiritually.

Through music, harmony and sound we will travel together, deeply moving into sacred spaces, nurturing ourselves, holding each other and sharing our voices and our hearts.  Come and explore your voice and experience the freedom to surrender to your unique sound!

Kate is delighted to share chants from her newly released debut CD.

Morning meditation with Pravas


One hour each before breakfast. All meditations will be offered with clear instruction at the start of each meditation.
This will include safety guidelines and reminder of personal responsibility of self care/ participating to limit of individual health and well being.

First morning – Dynamic  Meditation.
This is a powerful process using loud voice and movement to release the unexpressed emotions which then moves into silence/stillness and ends with joyous ecstatic dance.This is a fast track method to help clear whatever “stuff” we may have brought with us so we are then clear and open for the learnings of the Joining.

Second morning – Sufi dancing and whirling.
This is a gentle process using soft repetitive sound mixed with gentle repetitive movement that brings us to our Center.
From this calm space we move slowly and gently into circles of whirling with arms outstretched followed by stillness in silence.
Participants leave in calm and centered.

Third morning – Nadhabrahama
A sitting meditation to the soft sound of Tibetan bells mixed with some gentle humming followed by silence.


Yoga Chi Gung class with Kate Barzdo



Yoga Chi Gung is a simple yet powerful body friendly practice, a unique synthesis of Hatha Yoga from India & Chi Gung from China.  Join Kate in this gentle moving meditation to release tension, refuel your entire being and cultivate awareness of chi through simple movements, postures and breath awareness.  Suitable for every-body, no experience required.


Dance of Life Practice with Will Bulmer


Start the day before breakfast  with Will’s Dance of Life Practice. Bliss!