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Women with Balls!

Yvonne Lumsdenwith Yvonne Lumsden

Are you feeling you are more like a man in a woman’s body?
May sound strange, but have you noticed you are operating more from your masculine, in ‘doing” mode leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed or generally out of sorts with you? Perhaps in your relationships intimate or otherwise, you are the one surging forward, making the plans, the goals leading the way?

This has a place, however we can swing out of harmony within our selves overriding our natural place of relaxation as a woman – for it’s from this place of relaxation all emerges and we come home to ourselves. We feel connected, our juiciness flows, our creativity flourishes, we find power in our vulnerability, our hearts melt, our tongues soften to speak with love, our intuition becomes clear, we surrender and allow. AND the more we soften into woman we allow and empower men to be men.

Together in this workshop we’ll journey to explore, unravel and transform what is in the way of your true essence as woman.

Precious woman I invite you to join me and awaken your deep feminine essence and come home to you.

With Love & Tenderness
Yvonne x