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Voice Power

with Brian Martin

Brian Martin“…as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Our voice is a beautiful reflection of who we are and yet we can cover it up and hide it from the world. How do we find our voice and share our passion through it?

Voice Power, as part of the journey to the heart transformation and the joining, is about letting what is inside be heard, nurtured and let out to play. There can be an idea that “people have it or they don’t”. Everyone has it. Some people hope and imagine that one day they’ll wake up and ‘the voice’ and confidence will be there. Life is a journey and luckily there are steps on that journey that can help. Tricks and tools for opening the voice and standing in confidence. That is worth practicing.

It is time to add our voice to this weaving tapestry, to add harmony and strength and share our hearts’ message with the world. Harmony in this world can not be harmony without two or more voices coming together and letting it shine. Shine your light. Take the opportunity to love and share your voice.