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Transform your Heart – A Journey for Men

Pauline Ryelandben gair with  Pauline Ryeland and Ben Gair

Deep down all men want to feel love too & unfortunately men have been conditioned through culture and religion that they have to be tough. There are so many mixed messages about the “what & how” of sex instead of allowing it to “just be”. Often there is shame & guilt associated with sex and this effects not only how you relate with women, but how you relate to yourself.

This workshop is going to break down the taboos around sexuality for men & will show you how to transform your heart through opening yourself more to the core essence of your own sexuality.
In this workshop we will look at ways you can experience more & show you how sex can be more than one dimensional. We will be talking about sex in general, ways of keeping sexual dysfunction from occurring & how to turn the women in your life on even more.

We will do some specific exercises & processes using a mixture of teachings from Sexological Body Work, Tantra, NLP & Subconcsious Reprogramming.

The desired outcome is to give you a new way of relating to yourself sexually, which will ultimately affect the way you relate sexually with another. And so the heart of Transformation begins.