Tamara Playne

Bio Pic 2019


Tamara began her first creativity workshops in 1994. The question that framed those workshops was “What would I create if all the ingredients were there?” Those one day workshops included meditation, shared lunch, life drawing, music and lots of different art media to play with. Since then Tamara has worked with hundreds of people from all different communities to create ephemeral and permanent public art such as Labyrinths, mosaics, sculptures, inground paving, lanterns, Gigantes, water features, and sound and video installations. Formally trained as a journalist, ceramicist and teacher, Tamara has run classes in many artforms including lantern making, ceramic sculpture, paper making, and artist’s books. Her work is held in private collections across the world including Australian, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Cayman. Tamara believes everyone is innately creative and that creativity is a vital part of finding real happiness. These days her work focuses on three overlapping areas: English tuition, Success Coaching and Pawtraiture.