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trevor cohen

Trevor Cohen

Trevor CohenTrevor Cohen has post-graduate training as an integrative body psychotherapist. He has worked in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities focusing on body, mind, soul and spirit integration. He runs regular groups, workshops and retreats in various spaces and is an experienced group facilitator.

Trevor runs a private counselling practice for individuals, couples and groups and teaches yoga and Bio-energetic Grounding Classes in Brisbane.

Bro Space

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with Trevor Cohen

This men-only workshop is designed for you to see and experience the deep and transformational work of Core Energetics at work with the support of men.

It is an opportunity for whoever is ready to make a massive shift in their life, and is past its used-by-date to harness the energy and support of the group of men at the workshop and go deep into the root causes of what is not working to understand, transform, and release the past as you deeply explore, experience, and express your blocked and held energy.

You will work on your relationship to yourself and explore relating to others in radically alive ways. You will find what stands in the way of your full potential for life.


Yoga Dance

Yoga Dance sTrevor Cohen photoessions give us presence, centredness, aliveness, calmness and ease in a systematic 4 stage process that prepares us for whatever the day brings. Each session takes us on a comprehensive journey exercising, refreshing and defragging through Stretching, charging, discharging and integration. Based on bio-energetic exercises that activate our energy throughout the body. the session concludes and leaves us with integrating body, mind soul and spirit in a beautiful grounded, alive and meditative space; ready for the massive, packed days of TJ.

– Calms an overactive mind
– Greater sense of peace
– Reduced mental and emotional stress
– Increased energy levels
– Reduced habitual and chronic muscular tension
– Great physical workout
– Improved ability to be present & connect with loved ones
– clears energetic blocks to our natural flow of energy
– FUN!