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The 5 Keys to Transforming your Heart to Heart Relationships

Sarah Bewith Sarah Be

Would you be willing to have a fresh look at yourself and your relationships from a different perspective? This 3 hour interactive workshop is designed to provoke new awareness about The 5 true elements of Heart to Heart Relationships.

These are honour, trust, allowance, vulnerability, and gratitude. When you can have each of these with you , you can then have intimacy with others. Each of these Keys will be covered in detail and all participants will be encouraged to discover what limitations they have in these areas and to let go of any patterns they no longer require.

Would you be willing to transform you and master the true nature of these 5 keys?

Living Love for Singles and Couples

Cynthia1RAF3870Through experiential practices we will explore the heart of love, freedom and transformation in the interplay of masculine and feminine energies.

When men and women come together to experience this magnetic polarity with love and devotion much is naturally transformed. This happens differently for both essences.
In this workshop you will have an embodied expereince of love, freedom and transformation. You will learn how the masculine gifts and needs are different to the feminine gifts and needs.

We will explore how the other essence works, what they need, what we can give that makes a differnece for real in our lives.

ErnstLearn how to give the full range of your authentic, energetic gifts to create transformational community with your beloveds – locally and globally.

Rob Clark

Rob Clark58, father of 5, now grandfather of 5. Partner to a Robin in a Clay field 😉.

A passionate supporter of Men’s work for many years, Rob is an initiated Elder in the Men’s Wellbeing community. Married 25 years, divorced about 12 years he knows only too well the pain and heartbreak of broken marriage and relationship… at least, he used to! Says Rob, “These days I’ve learned much about accepting life on it’s own terms… or better put… to love reality no matter what has happened, is happening or may happen”.

One of the things Rob brings to this workshop is a powerful and yet remarkably simple process of investigating the painful thoughts that keep so many of us stuck in the wounds of our past. He invites men and women to imagine how good relationship can be when we are free of expectations or beliefs, meeting each other with absolute acceptance no matter what our partner may bring to the moment.

Sitting in the Fire – a journey of exploration into relationship with no expectations

fire heartwith Robin Clayfield and Rob Clark

All journeys lead to the heart, the sacred flame of love for one-self. How often have your expectations of yourself or your partner got in the way of this? Can you imagine a relationship with no expectations, where each person is free to truly be themselves?

This workshop invites the exploration of these questions and the role expectations play in our relationships. In a safe and sacred space, in a deep, raw, honest and gutsy way and guided by potent and skilful processes, we’ll sit in the ‘Fire of Truth’. We’ll dive deeply into our being, dance up a storm of cleansing and harvest the gifts of transformation that bring us again and again to our hearts, surrendering into the fullness and the beauty of who we truly are, free of expectations. The aim is to enrich and inform our daily lives and all our relationships through awareness, conscious connection and acceptance.

Robin Clayfield and Rob Clark

Rob and RobinRob and Robin have been in relationship for 3 1/2 years, 18 months of that time living together in a small home in the hills.Their relationship is based on the shared understanding that this is an inner-work journey. It has grown into one of no expectation, no obligation and no limitation.They feel ready to share the ongoing exploration and learnings from their journey and acknowledge they are still in process, increasing in depth and trust. They are excited to invite others to also share their learnings from the depth and breadth of their own experience of relationship.