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cynthia connop

Living Love for Women

Cynthia Connopwith Cynthia Connop                                                                                                                                                                    T
The Heart of Woman is a transformational powerhouse. In this workshop you will naturally open to experience your boundless love-light. Connecting with our gifts as women, our heart and body become a source of delight and transformation. We are free to be radiant, powerful, generous and unashamedly express our feminine feelings.

Through experiential exercises, sharing, movement and touch you will be able to intuit where you are on your unique journey of transformation, and learn compassionate ways to shift from problems and contractions to open as Love. Resistance and self-limiting beliefs will dissolve in the tender openness of this sacred community.

You will also learn how the masculine transforms is different to the feminine and how you can best assist his deep transformation by being fully yourself.