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Steve McKenzie

Steve McKenzie

Steve McKenzie has a passion for helping people discover their true essence, their soul path and life direction. He facilitates vision quests, family and systemic constellation workshops, is a life and transpersonal coach (Diploma of Ontological Coaching), and offers a range of transformational workshops and retreats using shamanic and earthy processes.

His work includes facilitating vision quests under the lineage of Lipian Apache Stalking Wolf of Tom Brown Jr fame. He is also a family and systemic constellations facilitator (trained with Margarete Keonning) and has Diploma of Ontological Coaching (Newfield Institute). He has also worked with Irin Zshokke (Switzerland) using her Sacred Wheel and Tree of Life model to expand constellation work.

Steve has been practicing for 11 years, has been called into ancestral work using a sacred circle (medicine wheel) and has offered this workshop at Manhood and Manshine with positive feedback.

He is an Elder with Men’s Wellbeing.