Sonia Pala

Hi, I’m Sonia and I am part of the Organising Circle for this year’s Joining Retreat.

I have been involved with the Joining and the Being Woman Gatherings for the last 6-7 years, having an ongoing role with BW as the FB Administrator and marketing person and have now taken up this role for this year’s Joining also. So you will have probably seen my posts on all the different groups and pages! J

Over the years I have been involved with this beautiful community I have had an incredible journey of growth and becoming the conscious woman that I aspire to be and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to come together with such beautiful people and to be able to continue working on my personal growth. I am very passionate about creating and being in conscious community as the world needs more of this at a time where social disconnection and isolation are so predominant in our everyday society. The Joining is such a special event so close to my heart and I’ve never experienced anything quite like it, which is why I attend every year!

My background is in Project Management and Logistics but aside from work my passions are animals, dancing and music and anything creative really. Have been dancing all kinds of styles since I was 5 and have been playing African drums for 20 years, djembe and doun doun predominantly and a few other instruments, I just love making music! Dance and music are what has kept me alive, young and inspired all these years! I live with my beautiful staffy dog Sandy who is my fur child and has become a bit of a mascot for both the Joining and the BW communities because of her incredible sense of empathy, she loves sitting with us in circle, so beautiful to see…

I look forward to meeting all you beautiful people that will be attending this year’s Joining Retreat; we’re in for such an amazing time with incredible facilitators and an awesome program!