Rob Clark

Rob Clark

Rob Clark , age 63, Father of Holly, Robert, Matt, Becca and Paul is now Grandfather to 8 of the “grandest children”. Married for 25 years to Annie, divorced about 15 years now, he knows only too well the pain and heartbreak of broken marriage and disfunctional unconscious relationship.

These days he is creating a beautiful life on the land with Robin, his partner of seven+ years. Over three years now they have lived together in the community of Crystal Waters near Maleny.

Rob (also known as ‘Freetoo’), identifies himself as a free spirit (free from the monkey mind of negativity and fear), standing in the sovereignty of his personal being, holding himself accountable for how he relates to those he loves, to the community and to the world around him.

The Joining 2009 gave Freetoo his first experience of what it is to relate consciously “At long last I could see my part in the drama”, he says and is quick to acknowledge that he is still a work in progress. This is what has kept him engaged with the Joining as well as the Men’s Wellbeing Association and Journey to Manhood Rite of Passage communities where he supports as an ever emerging initiated elder.

“What the Joining offers to people is truly playful beauty beyond words” says Freetoo, “ In that safe space for three days we arefree to experience how wonderful life can be when we take personal responsibility for learning to relate to each other consciously without judgement and with kindness, compassion and love for each other and our community”.

“Imagine the world we can create when we all relate to each other in this way” says Freetoo, the artist formerly known as Rob.