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Rob Clark

Rob Clark58, father of 5, now grandfather of 5. Partner to a Robin in a Clay field 😉.

A passionate supporter of Men’s work for many years, Rob is an initiated Elder in the Men’s Wellbeing community. Married 25 years, divorced about 12 years he knows only too well the pain and heartbreak of broken marriage and relationship… at least, he used to! Says Rob, “These days I’ve learned much about accepting life on it’s own terms… or better put… to love reality no matter what has happened, is happening or may happen”.

One of the things Rob brings to this workshop is a powerful and yet remarkably simple process of investigating the painful thoughts that keep so many of us stuck in the wounds of our past. He invites men and women to imagine how good relationship can be when we are free of expectations or beliefs, meeting each other with absolute acceptance no matter what our partner may bring to the moment.