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Pauline Ryeland

Pauline RPauline Ryeland, is an Intimacy Whisperer and is a certified Somatic Sexological Body Worker, Tantra Teacher & Facilitator & a Relationship & Intimacy Coach & Educator.

Pauline sees men & women, singles or couples who are experiencing challenges in any areas to do with intimacy, relationships, communication, sex & everything in between.

Pauline works with men & women who are experiencing challenges with libido & intimacy, working often as an Orgasm Coach. She also works with men who are experiencing sexual dysfunctions as well as women who are having challenges through orgasm utilising body work techniques as a Sexologist. She also specialises with women who have scars and loss of sensation.

Pauline also teaches Tantra to couples to deepen their intimate connection and love making.

Pauline is also a trained Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming & Errikson Hypnotherapy, a Results Coach & Performance Consultant.

When working with an individual or couple, she combines all of these skills into a giant melting pot to see what steps are required to reach the desired outcome.

She has also trained with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, the Sexual Shaman as well as trained with Barbara Carrallas from Urban Tantra around spiritual orgasm. She has also attended and served on Spiritual sexuality retreats; The Quodoshkas, & has done the Recapitulated Shamanic De-armouring through the Sweet Medicine Sundance path and is currently in her 3rd year Apprenticeship with the Medicine.

She is a Reikki & Spiritual Healer, Angel Intuitive, Tantric Energy Body worker, does Access Consciousness-The Bars & Healing & Tantric Massages.

She combines all of these skills into a giant melting pot and adds her own blend of NLP practices, coaching and processes together with general education around intimacy, connection & sex.

Her passions are that everyone is connected to their true sexual potency and to teach sustainability in relationships so couples can go to the deep depths of intimacy & connection that is absolutely possible.

W: www.paulineryeland.com
E: pauline@paulineryeland.com
F: facebook.com/intimacywhisperer
P: 0411 701 594