2018 Facilitators

Foxxy & Robert J - Relationship Healing Specialists

Foxxy & Robert met mid 2016 and know it was not by chance.  They both have a common vision for their lives… which is to create greater harmony in the world by helping people of all genders, races, beliefs, who are (or want to be) in an intimate love relationship.  Foxxy and Robert are now married and business partners.

Robert J Grimes, affectionally known as the ‘Couple Whisperer’.  He is a relationship counsellor, psychotherapist (reg. PACFA), educator, facilitator, with over 10 years experience, in counselling and running workshops.  He is an elder with the Men’s Wellbeing Association, and member of Gender Equity Reconciliation of Australia (GERA).

Foxxy Eleoyze, affectionally known as the ‘Body Confidence Sage’.  She is a Relationship Coach, Intuitive Facilitator, Speaker, NLP Trainer and member of GERA. Foxxy brings her expertise of unquenchable artistic expression and love of acting, to their workshops and retreats which takes experiential and immersive learning to a whole new level.





Marc Bright - Sensory Body artist

Marc has dedicated his research into developing his understanding of spirituality for 30 years.
In 2002 Marc‘s Passion as a Joyologist mixed with body art painting and intuitive insights he began channelling as a messenger for the people he painted at spiritual events.
These Insights were powerful, and often very Profound. This led to further study into the power of activating colour paints with crystals and beautiful earthy fragrances and materials.
Sacred geometries and Ancient cultural symbologies were also the subject of further research. Marc has felt his artistic and intuitive senses were heightening and over time brought more empowered messaging thru to his Sensory Body art Readings.
Imagery and Personal Growth Journeying Statements began to link together seamlessly during the application of the Art to people who came for this service.





Sarah and Ben 

Sarah and Ben both have very unique energetic capacities which they will use during the workshop to clear any energetic limitations people have as they go!!

Ben works at a Healing Centre in Brisbane as a Pranic Healer and Access Bars Practitioner.  He also sees clients from home on the Sunshine Coast.

Sarah works as an Energetic Transformation and Lifestyle Coach from home in Buderim and runs Classes Australia wide. For more information please go to  sarahbe.com






Gary Cox

Gary has been an integral part of the men’s work movement in Queensland for many years with more than 20 years of involvement. Gary is one of our Common Ground Master Facilitators and has run the Common Ground training for men starting their facilitation journey. Aside from running numerous Common Ground Programs and facilitating workshops at our Open Ground Gatherings, Gary is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and is trained in Family Constellation and Psychodrama. He is one of the Mens Well Being Elders, one who leads by example, being committed to his own journey of personal growth as well as that of other men. He also believes that relationships are a gateway or Rite of passage to Maturity and Spiritual growth.







Louise Donovan

Louise Donovan has been working in private practice as a psychotherapist for 27 years.  Her work included being the resident therapist for three half way houses, working with people in early drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  She has run programmes for Co-dependency recovery, countless group sessions and worked with different organisation, training staff to foster a relationship based on love within themselves, with other staff and clients.

Her focus is on assisting people to access that which they are beyond body and mind and live from that with self and the world.  She believes we are here to be “the presence of the alternative” i.e. love, within the fear based, survival focused world many people inhabit and yet have little awareness that there is another option.

She is a relationship counsellor who holds a perspective on all relationship as being “hospitals for the soul and laboratories for the holy spirit” (a Course in Miracles).   Louise deeply supports people to develop the emotional musculature necessary to be able to seize the opportunity that relationships offer, to heal their brokenness with the very people who appear to bring it up the most.





Aaila T Greene

Aaila T Greene is a transformational author, speaker and coach teaching people how to live happy, peaceful, powerful lives.  After spiralling into depression with work burn out and a health crisis, Aaila became obsessed in healing herself completely (no bandaids) and in finding out how to do life differently.  She is the founder and CEO of The Brazen Institute, facilitating a system for living that ends suffering and creates profound peace by helping people reconnect to their own souls and live powerfully from their essence.










Will Bulmer - Dancer of life 

My name is Will. I am a registered psychologist, remedial massage therapist and body psychotherapist.

I have studied and practiced  dance,  yoga, chi kung, martial arts and healing throughout my life and have taught a variety of classes and workshops in these fields over the past 13 years.

I live on a sustainable community in Northern NSW where I raise my two kids, appreciate deep nature connection and apply permaculture principles my land management practices.

I currently work as an educator with NSW Health and am completing a diploma in integrated Somatic Psychotherapy, as well as carrying the staff as holder of the masculine energy for The Joining,

I am continuing to deepen in my life work of integrating psychotherapy and body oriented practices, to promote personal health and wellbeing.






Robin Clayfield - Earthcare Education

Robin is an international Facilitator, Trainer, Author of three books and a Musician. Her big passions are Creative, Interactive Group Work, Women’s and Men's Empowerment, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ritual and Ceremony. Working with the Mum's on 'Journey's to Manhood' Camps, Playing in the Garden, Being a Grandma and Deep Relating stirs her Heart and Soul.

She presents Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation courses locally and globally, workshops on Earth Connection, Visioning, Decision Making, Women’s Empowerment, Relating and Social Permaculture plus Consultancy for Trainers, Facilitators and Community Organisations.

Robin has led many Wild Women’s Wisdom weekends and Relationship Retreats and facilitates at festivals and gatherings, including Woodford Folk Festival, 'The Joining', Community Development Conferences, ‘Everywoman’ and 'Being Woman'. She is an ‘Elder’ and Ceremony Holder for 'The Joining' and 'Being Woman' Community and an acknowledged Elder and Pioneer of the Global Permaculture Movement.

'The Love Feast' relationship process, 'The Sacred Union Labyrinth' and 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology are her creations which she loves sharing with the world.



Brian Martin 

Brian Martin is highly qualified in all areas of voice and performance and has developed the BMM method © and is training other teachers nationally and internationally in this highly successful technique and has up to date ‘Jo Estill’ training in voice physiology and application.  Brian has spent much of his 20 year+ musical career teaching, including lecturing at various Universities and conducting
numerous choirs and workshops, touring nationally and internationally, as a musician and a facilitator. His vast knowledge in A Cappella singing has enabled him to develop an intricate understanding of the elements involved with singing world music, African, gospel and contemporary styles, in harmony.

His vision is to spread harmony with harmony and he is driven by his love of all music genres, rhythm and of course, harmony.

Brian has a Bachelor of Arts (Contemporary Music) majoring in Voice. His musical expertise ranges from an accomplished piano player to a skilled percussionist and teacher of teachers.

Brian’s extensive qualifications and refined musical skills enable him to deliver a relaxed and enjoyable teaching style across a wide variety of students of all ages and experience.




Shannon Ichikawa 

Like you, expert and relationship author Shannon has observed the many ways people can finally welcome lasting love and joyfully settle down with a truly wonderful partner. Is the path to love through learning how to truly love yourself and thereby be fully able to love another? How absolutely joyous and enriching can our love lives be? What else is possible?

With over 20 years of counselling, teaching, facilitation and coaching experience, Shannon’s views are radically different as she sees encouraging her clients’ innate intelligence out into the open as the most important aspect of her coaching to support positive change.  Shannon sees her clients already living their happiest life with their life partner, and this helps propel her clients toward that reality. ‘Let go and Let Love’ is her moto and this means clients get to heal from the past, let go of seemingly unsurpassable challenges blocking their way and create a life and love they really want to have.

Shannon’s work is a fusion of deep listening, goal orientated coaching and mindset mastery. So, YOU get to get in touch with your deepest desires and bring them into reality. Finally welcome lasting love through your work with Shannon!

Shannon's work with the brightest conscious, loving singles raises the bar in her clients’ lives and in the world - as when we grow, we grow each other and our culture up. This work is deeply touching – you will be fully heard, seen and empowered to finally make the changes you have always wanted to make.

Shannon loves being part of conscious community and has been closely connected The Joining and The Being Woman gatherings in Queensland, Australia since their inception.

She works online internationally and in person in the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

To contact Shannon please see https://bookme.name/Shannon


Fiona Kaminski

Fiona first discovered Kundalini Yoga when going through some of the hardest challenges that life can bring. She found the practice to be powerful and transformational taking her to a place of inner contentment and providing an essential tool to help her manage the emotional challenges experienced in her social work role.  She is passionate about sharing this ancient yogic technology with others, so that they too can benefit from the practice. Fiona has facilitated yoga workshops at Seven Sisters Festival near Melbourne, and continues to offer her own regular classes near Mullumbimby in the Northern Rivers.

Her qualifications include:

Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Kundalini Research Institute

Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Modules: Conscious Communication, Stress and Vitality

Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, Siri Mukta Yogibee

Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader

Red Tent Facilitator, Star of Ishtar Tanishka Moon Woman

Bachelor of Business with Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment




Pravas is a man who brings his life experience with all the peaks and troughs of life, relationship, death, parenting etc.
He is a meditator, an alchemist, an Elder who has attended Mens Gatherings over 20 years and the Joining since inception.
With other men he is facilitating a Common Ground Mens group under the auspices of Mens Wellbeing.
He brings laughter and joy as he weaves the thread as a perfectly imperfect human being.






Anne Miller

Anne Miller is a spiritual and anthroposophical counsellor. Her experience ranges from special needs, individual, family and group support.  Anne has been a catalyst and facilitator for personal, and professional development. She has a background in education, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Psychological Kinesiology, Meditation, medical research, and community development.







Mirror Living

Via Mira's own recent journey with grief through loss of family in separation and divorce and the hardships of caring for two dying family members she holds a simple space of permission, acceptance and surrender to that which cannot be named or understood but only be felt with the heart.