2017 Facilitators

Our program for 2017 featured a huge variety of workshops from local, national and international presenters. Some familiar faces, some new friends.


 International Facilitators

We are thrilled  to announce Darren Percival aka Mr Percival as our Special  Guest Presenter for this year's Joining.  Many of you may have seen him at Woodford  and experienced his amazing ability to transform a group of strangers into a community of friends with consummate ease and humour. A heart full of love for all he comes across with the magical ability to weave a group of voices into a spiritual experience that leaves you feeling uplifted, connected and content.


Brian Martin

Brian Martin is an award winning and internationally acclaimed musician and facilitator. He is highly qualified in all areas of voice and performance and has developed the BMM method © and is training other teachers nationally and internationally in this highly successful technique and has up to date ‘Jo Estill’ training in voice physiology and application.  Brian has spent much of his 20 year+ musical career teaching, including lecturing at various Universities and conducting
numerous choirs and workshops, touring nationally and internationally, as a musician and a facilitator. His vast knowledge in A Cappella singing has enabled him to develop an intricate understanding of the elements involved with singing world music, African, gospel and contemporary styles, in harmony.

His vision is to spread harmony with harmony and he is driven by his love of all music genres, rhythm and of course, harmony.

Brian has a Bachelor of Arts (Contemporary Music) majoring in Voice. His musical expertise ranges from an accomplished piano player to a skilled percussionist and teacher of teachers.

Brian’s extensive qualifications and refined musical skills enable him to deliver a relaxed and enjoyable teaching style across a wide variety of students of all ages and experience., a dynamic teacher, highly skilled conductor, voice coach and performer with more than 20 years of professional experience. His positive approach helps workshop participants experience the joy of singing in a relaxed and nurturing environment.



Robin ClayfieldRobin Clayfield is an international Facilitator, Trainer, Author of three books and a Musician. Her big passions are Creative, Interactive Group Work, Women’s and Men's Empowerment, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ritual and Ceremony. Working with the Mum's on 'Journey's to Manhood' Camps. Playing in the Garden, being a Grandma and Deep Relating with her partner Rob stirs her Heart and Soul.

She presents Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation courses locally and globally, workshops on Earth Connection, Visioning, Decision Making and Social Permaculture plus Consultancy for Trainers, Facilitators and Community Organisations.

Robin has led many Wild Women’s Wisdom weekends and Relationship Retreats and facilitates at festivals and gatherings, including Woodford Folk Festival, 'The Joining', Community Development Conferences and 'Being Woman'. She is an ‘Elder’ and Ceremony Holder for 'The Joining' and 'Being Woman' Community and an acknowledged Elder and Pioneer of the Global Permaculture Movement.

'The Love Feast' relationship process, 'The Sacred Union Labyrinth' and 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology are her creations which she loves sharing with the world.


Kean Buckley is the co-founder of beyourself.com.au (retreats) andkeanbuckley.com (mentoring). He is an inspiring speaker helping people find happiness and natural success for over 25 years. He shares 4 children with his wife Kathleen in a successful blended family. Kean and Kathleen have run over 150 local and international retreats specialising in slef realisation through relationship. Kean's humour and real life experiences will inspire your heart to lighten, your body to ground, and your mind to grow.

Kean Buckley has succeeded, firstly in corporate life, and secondly in facilitating other people’s success by looking at places they thought they had already seen.

Kathleen celebrates eight years as a yoga teacher in 2017. She is a registered Children's Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Youth Mentor, and Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation teacher.

She holds regular weekly yoga classes on the Sunshine Coast, kids & family yoga classes, in-school programs, half day wellness retreats, healthy eating workshops & teaches meditation & mindfulness to both adults and children. She travels with Beautiful Minds Australia between the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Adelaide to facilitate emotional resilience workshops with their teen clients.

She is a co-founder of The Ethical Straw Co.

Kathleen supports Kean on many levels as a life partner and on the retreats with insight and compassion.

She will help you understand your emotions and feelings more fully, and show you how to develop emotional resilience.

She draws on years of experience in successful relationships, with her 4 children and within a happily blended family.

Together Kean and Kathleen hold a safe, warm beautiful loving space. Clients often report that the relationship between Kathleen and Kean makes all the difference to their experience in workshops and on retreat.


National Facilitators


Kaliana and Rama are Spiritual teachers of the Divine University and Sirius library, teaching nationally and internationally.

We are a twin flame couple …loving, healing and evolving together since 1987. We are highly experienced facilitators, sourcing from the heart of compassion, combining the depth of our experience to embody and transmit practical and Sacred Relationship wisdom.


Des O'Flynn first started latin dance classes in year 2002. The styles include Salsa (both LA and Cuban), Bolero, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Lambada (Zouk), Kizomba, Samba, Gafieira, Pagode, Axe, Forro, Bossa Nova, Cumbia, Soltinho, Tango, etc. He performed for three different dance schools at a combination of local, interstate and overseas venues.  He has danced with the locals on a world trip in 2006 in Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and other countries.
Des prefers to pass his knowledge and experience on to those who do not have the time and resources to attend numerous formal latin dance classes.  He does this privately on request, and also at large community events like The Joining.  He wants others to feel the beautiful energy of latin dance.  The goal is not perfection in dance, but getting out there on the dance floor and having fun.  Benefits are fitness, flexibility, self-confidence, and balancing the energies of the masculine and feminine in a social dance environment.


Sarah BeSarah Be

Sarah Be is a Transformation Specialist and Catalyst for change! She travels Australia wide creating the space for change and true resolution. She has a level of awareness that is unmatched and has literally changed thousands of people’s lives. In groups and individually Sarah can read your energetic space and can bring your unconscious and subconscious energies to your attention so you can clear any blockages with ease. Sarah can facilitate this through private sessions, bodywork and group sessions. She is a sought after presenter facilitator and consultant. Sarah lives in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast with her family. For more information her website address is www.sarahbe.com.au   phone 0405 734656

Esther Diplock is an Individual & Couple Therapist, Educator and Supervisor who has been practicing since 2004. She lectures in counselling at several tertiary institutions in Australia and is a trained Occupational Therapist.
William Diplock is an Individual, Couple and Family Therapist who has been practicing for over 25 years. He lectures in Counselling at several Universities. He is a trained Spiritual Director. They have been facilitating Gender Equity and Reconciliation work in Australia since 2014.

Kate BKate B
 has been a singer for as long as she can remember and first picked up the guitar when she was 14. She has done everything musical short of playing in an orchestra… from folk to blues and cafes to weddings and community choirs. Her journey has more recently carried her back to the world of chanting, mantra and kirtan, revisiting an old passion in the joy of creating uplifting sound with others.


My name is Will. I am a registered psychologist, remedial massage therapist and body psychotherapist.

I have studied and practiced  dance,  yoga, chi kung, martial arts and healing throughout my life and have taught a variety of classes and workshops in these fields over the past 13 years.

I live on a sustainable community in Northern NSW where I raise my two kids, appreciate deep nature connection and apply permaculture principles my land management practices.

I currently work as an educator with NSW Health and am completing a diploma in integrated Somatic Psychotherapy, as well as carrying the staff as holder of the masculine energy for The Joining,

I am continuing to deepen in my life work of integrating psychotherapy and body oriented practices, to promote personal health and wellbeing.



Kylie Wood is an avid dancer & advocate of human BEing expansion; and a Full Moon Raw Kacao Free Dance Facilitator.

She is passionate about nourishing, nutritious food, the natural rhythms of life & dancing and moving to heal, she has created sessions that enhance the body while connecting with the natural rhythm of the full moon and raw cacao.




Alison Smith: I have been involved with TJ and BW and before that WED and other community activities. Currently involved in Building a Bridge to Reconciliation, Horizon Fest and looking forward to promotion of Kaliana and Rama’s proposed workshop here on the coast.

Participant in a year- long monthly gathering with Kean and Kathleen on ‘mastering old stucknesses!!!’ and living the life I love more each day.

Teacher in Qld and beyond. Just returned from Findhorn which I loved and have recently had a vision of a ‘Village of light’ that we may one day manifest here on the coast.