2016 Facilitators

Darren Percival (aka Mr Percival)  -  Special Guest Presenter

Darren Percival

We are thrilled  to announce Darren Percival aka Mr Percival as our Special  Guest Presenter for this year's Joining.  Many of you may have seen him at Woodford  and experienced his amazing ability to transform a group of strangers into a community of friends with consummate ease and humour. A heart full of love for all he comes across with the magical ability to weave a group of voices into a spiritual experience that leaves you feeling uplifted, connected and content.



Robina McCurdy - Exploring the Sacred Feminine


Robina McCurdy is a dynamic Permaculture educator and community
development facilitator with over 30 years experience. She is a
co-facilitator of TIDES (Young Women’s Rites of Passage) and Womens & Mens
Heart Sharing Circles, which both happen at the Tui Community (her home)
‘Outdoor Events Field’ in Golden Bay.  Robina is founder of:  Tui Land
Trust (www.tuitrust.org.nz), The Institute of Earthcare Education Aotearoa
(www.earthcare-education.org), the Permaculture in schools project ‘SEED’
in Southern Africa (www.seed.org.za), and the Localising Food Project
(www.localisingfood.com).  She is the author of the community facilitation
manual 'Grounding Vision, Empowering Culture', and has worked
internationally with a diversity of ecovillages and intentional
communities, at various stages of development, from conception to maturity.


Elliott Orr- Drummer Extraordinaire! 

photo -IMG_1544-2

Widely respected as the leading proponent of African drumming in Queensland, Elliott has been beating skins and encouraging others to do so since 1991! Having moved from Adelaide to Brisbane in 1994 for the specific purpose of attaining a Griffith University Environmental Science degree, Elliott’s focus gradually shifted such that finishing the degree (with honours) became his part-time occupation while teaching, performing and making African drums became his all-consuming full-time passion.

Elliott had been teaching djembe professionally for three years in 1997 when his passion landed him in West Africa to study under master drummers of the traditional form. This intense training in Ghana and the Ivory Coast of West Africa instilled in Elliott a deep understanding of the cultural context of African drumming, and has allowed him to bring the vibrant energy of this culture to the Australian community. Elliott maintains very close ties with African drummers residing in Australia, frequently hosting them in Brisbane.

Of the multiple projects Elliott has undertaken as a community-based drummer, perhaps the 2 most notable include his role in the 2005 Queensland Music Festival ‘Goodwill Drumming Parade’ and the 2003 Queensland Biennial’s ‘Big Percussion Concert’ at Brisbane City Hall. The former involved the training of 200 community-based drummers over 8 weeks to parade with drums over the Goodwill Bridge, through South Bank to the Spiegletent to mark the closing of the QMF programme. In the latter Elliott trained 20 ‘kids at risk’ in the Beenleigh area to make and play their own djembe’s and taught 40 young Sunshine Coast people to play bells. Together, under Elliott’s direction, they performed a composition by Brisbane composer Gerard Brophy alongside a large number of Australian and international professional percussionists.

Over the last 18 years Elliott has taught somewhere in the vicinity of 20,000 people how to play African drums through regular weekly workshops with adults in the community, school groups and with corporations and organisations. These classes have occurred throughout Queensland, in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Elliott’s extensive teaching has been in addition to a busy performance schedule, appearing regularly with Brisbane groups Spankinhide, Bobby Alu, Kooii, Yeshe, Ganga Giri and Tanuki Dub as well as numerous project-based groups. With these groups Elliott has performed in a multitude of venues and situations including at BEMAC’s World Music Cafés, events at the Powerhouse, the Judith Wright Centre and at 9 of the past 10 Woodford Folk Festivals.

Robin Clayfield - Happy Heart, Healthy Community


Robin is an international facilitator, trainer, author and musician with a passion for creative, interactive group work, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ritual, Ceremony and Women’s Empowerment.

She has led many Wild Women’s Wisdom weekends, facilitated at festivals, conferences and gatherings, Woodford Folk Festival, The Joining (including holding the energy for Ceremony since 2005) and is an ‘Elder’ for The Joining and Being Woman Communities.

Robin has created her own learning methodology ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ and offers courses in Creative Facilitation, Community Governance, Visioning and ‘The Love Feast’ Relationship Retreat in Australia and Overseas. www.dynamicgroups.com.au.


Steve McKenzie - Supporting the Feminine

IMG_2745-2  .

Steve McKenzie is passionate about helping people remember who they are at a soul level via vision quests, ancestor work, retreats, family constellations and soul-based coaching.

Steve will hold space for a 3-hour workshop for men on Supporting the Feminine. This support includes both without and within and will help men be in their masculine to hold space for the much-needed work of the feminine.

Lilamani - Being Intimate with Authentic Connection  ~supporting threads of community through depth and realness


Wholeheartedly, Lilamani supports her community through Holistic Massage, Tantra and Conscious Relating offerings.  For over a decade she has worked from her clinic in Brisbane, has offered regular Tantra Events locally for over 5 years, and has also taught courses in Byron Bay and Sydney.  Lilamani weaves beautifully both traditional and modern teachings, as well as depth and wisdom she’s embodied from her personal dedicated journey of healing, transformation and empowerment.  She shares her natural joy and spirit with those who enjoy her offerings.  Read more at www.templeflame.com.au

Bill Lee-Emery - Living From ‘Eyes of Compassion’ Instead Of ‘Eyes of Judgment 

Bill Lee-Emery

Bill is one of the foremost mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technique) Master Trainers in Australia and is highly regarded by his peers. He has appeared on several radio and TV shows in Australia (including “Good Morning Australia” and “The Today Show”).
He was written 4 books including’ Stop Procrastinating’ and numerous articles that have appeared in national magazines including ‘Well Being’.

Bill has a genuine heart-felt passion for helping people to discover their own innate talents and, throughout his 35 years of work within the personal development field, he has helped thousands of people improve their lives, including Business Leaders, Olympians and World-Class athletes.

Sarah Be - Unlocking the Invisible Threads of Judgement and Creating the Invisible Threads of Intimacy


Sarah Be is a Transformation Specialist and Catalyst for change! She travels Australia wide unlocking limitations from people’s realities with her unique energetic awareness! This can be in many different areas of people’s lives, including money, wealth, health, all aspects of relationships, body image, and sex, to name a few! Clients are often unaware of how they have created these limitations, as the source can often be from childhood experiences, parental patterns, or past lives. Sarah creates a safe space for true change and resolution, and has literally changed thousands of people’s lives. In groups and individually Sarah can read your energetic space and can easily bring your unconscious and subconscious energetic patterns to your attention so you can choose to clear any blockages with ease.

Sarah can facilitate this through private sessions, group seminars and workshops. She is a sought after Presenter Facilitator and Consultant. Sarah lives in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast with her family. For more information her website address www.sarahbe.com.au

Mobile: 0405 734656


Adrian Mornalia and Monica Mornalia - Escatic Dance and Cacao Ceremony

Adrian MornailaMonica Mornaila

Adrian has been deeply touched by music and felt inspired to create dance journeys since 1993, initially for small gatherings of friends from one of the first Integral Yoga School in Europe, known today as Agama Yoga.

Shortly after that, in 1997 he met his soul mate partner Monica and they embarked on a journey that led them throughout Europe, North America and Australia. Along the way they got the chance to experience various healing modalities that helped him discover his own emotional intelligence and intuition – qualities that were innate for his partner Monica. They both learned how to hold space for each other in difficult moments when past experiences would bring up fears and cultural beliefs would project false expectations on each other. They were guided on this path by amazing people that shared their wisdom with them in serendipitous moments - from hermits in the Carpathians Mountains, ex-military officers that became meditation masters in order to deal with PTSD in Washington D.C. and Native American Shamans leading sacred pipe ceremonies, sweat lodges and medicine ceremonies in the mountains of North California.

In 2011 Adrian and Monica encountered one of their most influential teachers, Samantha Sweetwater at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert and they started the Dancing Freedom facilitator training shortly after that. Adrian became a certified Dancing Freedom facilitator in 2012, they both held classes in North California until the end of 2012 when him and his partner continued their journey to Australia. Since 2013, they are facilitating weekly Ecstatic Dance journeys and a monthly Cacao Ceremony in Brisbane.

Peter Thomas -  A Toolkit for the Empowered Masculine and Liberate! with Vanessa K Vance


Previously the founder of Planet Radio, the first dedicated
“consciousness and environment” radio network in the world, Peter is
now a practicing counsellor and psychotherapist, offering individual,
partner and group consultations, experiences and workshops in a range
of personal development arenas including "sacred" sexuality, men and
couples work, rites of passage, clarity development, maturation and
more.  He has presented both nationally and internationally.  Peter is
a powerful speaker & presenter and in this capacity has held the
Master of Ceremonies role for The Joining since 2005, the
International School of Temple Arts Annual conference since its
inception in Australia 8 years ago and the equivalent role at
Celebrating Sexuality events since 2012.  Peter is a mentor, trainer,
teacher and student with expertise in psychotherapy, shamanic
instruction, empowerment, conscious sexuality and conscious
interaction.  Peter currently also engages in leading walking
experiences with meditation & ceremony.  He has thus far, led
experiences in four countries, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and India
and has traversed over 8000 kms in the past three years.  He is also
visioning and creating the community movement "The Village" to develop
a more empowered community subculture in Australia.

Vanessa K Vance - Liberate! with Peter Thomas

Vanessa K Vance

Vanessa is a shamanic and personal growth coach and facilitator, and a writer, speaker and explorer of consciousness, sex and spirit. Based in the Perth Hills of Western Australia she coaches and facilitates individuals and groups through her coaching practice Axis Mundi Coaching (www.axismundi.com.au), combining a mix of shamanic, psychological, intuitive and embodied practices. She also runs group gatherings for women through Wisdom of the Wild (www.wisdomofthewild.com) that offer the chance for women to come together to discover, explore and play with their natural wildness. She regularly travels to Ireland to work with the land and the people and has a love for ancient Celtic expressions of the spiritual and erotic.

Vanessa completed her coaching certificate in 2012 and has since trained with The Institute of Somatic Sexology and is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker. She is a member of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia, and is currently completing an undergraduate degree in Counselling. Vanessa has many years’ experience of supporting, organising and facilitating workshops and retreats in the realms of personal growth, shamanic journeys and erotic education, and continues to present locally and internationally at workshops and festivals.

Rob Clark - Discover True Freedom, Freedom of Mind based on The Work - Byron Katie

 Rob Clark

Rob Clark  is proud father to Holly, Robert, Matthew, Beck and Paul. Grandfather to Moss, Avey, Lotus, River and Finn. Sign artist by trade. Elder in the Men's Wellbeing community and passionate supporter of men's healing and transformational work. Founder and a Facilitator of the Maleny Men's Group. Founder and visionary behind the Say Yes to Family Peace movement. www.sayyestofamilypeace.org


Fiona Kaminski - Kundalini Yoga (pre breakfast session)


Fiona first discovered Kundalini Yoga when going through some of the hardest challenges that life can bring. She found the practice to be powerful and transformational taking her to place of inner contentment and providing an essential tool to help her manage the emotional challenges experienced in her other role as a social worker.  She is passionate about sharing this ancient yogic technology with others, so that they too can benefit from the practice. Fiona recently delivered two workshops at Seven Sisters Festival near Melbourne, and continues to offer her own regular weekend retreats in the Northern Rivers


Pravas and Jo - Weaving the Story of the Other


Pravas and Jo are storytellers, alchemists and experienced group facilitators. They have worked with many men and women to change the trajectory of their lives for the better. Weaving the New Story of Other will be an experience where you come to know yourself more intimately. You will become more fully and safely open to the other gender and in fact, to all others.


Jo O'Shanessy - Tapestry of Parenting

JOS As a social worker, a parent and a group facilitator Jo provides a relaxed environment in which to explore and grow. The Tapestry of Parenting will expand your thoughts about parenting in a way that will wash away shame and lay way for a more compassionate intimate child/parent relationship.


Pravas - Morning Meditation


Pravas is a man who brings his life experience with all the peaks and troughs of life, relationship, death, parenting etc.
He is a meditator, an alchemist, an Elder who has attended Mens Gatherings over 20 years and the Joining since inception.
With other men he is facilitating a Common Ground Mens group under the auspices of Mens Wellbeing.
He brings laughter and joy as he weaves the thread as a perfectly imperfect human being.


Will Bulmer -  The Dance Connection


Will is a dancer, yoga, chi kung and martial arts teacher; remedial massage therapist and practicing psychologist/psychotherapist.

He lives on a sustainable community in Northern NSW where he applies permaculture design principles in his land management practices.

Will is currently studying in a 3 year diploma of integrated Somatic Psychotherapy and is deepening into his life work of integrating psychotherapy and body oriented practices, to promote personal wellbeing, presence, purpose and awakening.

Christine Clegg -  The Dance Connection

Photo on 16-05-16 at 9.07 AM #3

Christine is a dancer, musician, yoga teacher, massage therapist, spiritual scientist, a Mother, and a lover of life.

Over the last years she has been deepening into her own feminine embodiment, taking guidance and inspiration from many beautiful hearts, who are also the carriers of powerful women's wisdom.  She feels honoured to have held space for monthly women's circles for the last 5 years, as well as other ceremonial business.  She is recently on fire for dance, as one of the most powerful tools for transformation she has met so far.

Kate B - Chanting Circle and Yoga Chi Gung

Kate B small

A singer for as long as she can remember, Kate has done everything musical short of playing in an orchestra! From the blues to folks, cafe gigs & community choirs, her journey has carried her back to the world of chanting to explore the joy of creating uplifting sound with others. She loves to share her passion for voice and music as a vehicle for connecting with others and quietening the mind. Kates bring her rich experience and a passion for creating connection through group song.

Kate is also a Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator and Yoga Chi Gung teacher with a background in martial arts and dance. With two decades experience teaching, she loves sharing these healing arts with the community through treatments, classes and workshops, with the vision that through music and healing touch we can all experience greater wellbeing in our lives.