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Hear Your Heart’s Song

DayAnandawith DayAnanda

I would like to invite all souls on an inner expedition to the heart of our being. Let’s venture into the cells, recover the hidden gems, decipher the clues and unlock the memories of the ultimate treasure and unsolved mystery! US!

Hear your heart, open your heart, be your heart then share your heart’s song.

How to Hear the Heart’s Song: The heart maintains the beat of our song and when it is open it unites all cellular sounds in a harmonic resonance that allows us to hear and restore the memories of our cells (Selves/Souls).

This workshop is an experiential guide to listening and Re-membering .

Discuss the concept of Cosmic Amnesia
Re-introduce people to the members (inhabitants/crew) of their inner universe.
Help to Identify cellular groups that are responsible for the full functionality of the state of being Human. Hue = the colours of the rainbow + Man = manifestation in physical form.
Begin the process of cellular communication and unification through colour, sound and vibration.
Share a unifying Heart Song.
The process is designed to take the individual on a tour of inner awareness. The heart is the co-ordinator and when it is open and singing in harmony it can heal and transform all areas of the HUEMAN being.

Hear your heart
Open your heart
Be your heart
Share your heart’s song.