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Connect to Your Heart Space: A Journey for Women

Pauline Ryelandwith Pauline Ryeland

We all desire to meet & connect in a deep way with another & to find a balance within our own feminine and masculine. The first thing we must do is connect to our own heart, to love ourselves, to heal our hearts, to let go of our own doubts & fears, lack of self worth & woundings. When we can love & accept ourselves fully, our hearts can open.
When we combine connecting to ourselves sexually with connecting to our hearts huge shifts and transformations can occur. We can use this energy as a catalyst for healing, empowering us to move forward & it will ultimately bring changes on many different levels, which will ultimately transform your heart.

This workshop will be a combination of sexual discussion, exercises and processes using a mixture of teachings from Sexological Body Work, Tantra, NLP & Subconcsious Reprogramming processes.
The desired outcome is to find new ways to open & connect to your heart & sexual self with some fabulous tools to take back out into your life, to continue the journey of the Heart of Transformation