Clara Durbidge

clarasitting sun

Born in South America and embraced around the world, Biodanza is an uplifting fusion of music, dance, movement and social connection. It opens up new pathways to connect to our feelings, to open our hearts, to communicate authentically and in feedback with others, and to integrate this “heart-fullness” into our day-to-day life and community.

After facilitating Biodanza in Europe, Catherine pioneered this fun and powerful practice in Australia in 2007, establishing the Australian School of Biodanza. For 30 years she has accompanied people with various other tools including Voice Dialogue, Energetic Treatments, Meditation and Cranio-Sacral therapy.

Jazmin is a happy and grateful graduate of Biodanza Australia.  Her journey of life has included many facets; through repression to the freedom and expansion of love and creativity, ecological consciousness and community. Her experience of existential plenitude is the impulse to share the joy & transformation of Biodanza. Jazmin revels in the privilege, fun and pleasure of facilitating spaces for connection to arise.

Both teach very much from the heart, creating a safe and loving container for the gentle unfolding of “the poetry of the human encounter” - opening us up to deeper, more fulfilling relationships.