Black Crow Walking {Crow}


Crow has enjoyed being a facilitator of workshops and retreats for the last 25 years, She has taught her workshops in many countries and during that process, found herself living with 4 different Native American tribes and finally marrying into the Lakota Ghosthorse tribe. Living in the Smokey Mountains primitively, wearing skins she tanned herself and eating out of the forest. She has learned what plants you can eat and what plants to make your medicines, creams and ointments from, along with basket and hat making, spinning, weaving and felting. Crow's strong connection with nature allows her to deeply connect in ceremony to Great Spirit. Calling in the Ancestors, spirit guides, Angels and Totem animals to work with her as she facilitates a workshop. Crow currently works as a Psychic healer and counsellor, focusing on the Byron Katie method and Journeywork. Those who have come to her clinic for healing have been realigned, balanced, received there healing, been connected to their personal spiritual team and had their vibrational frequency lifted to attract miracles. She is also a professional artist and photographer having gained her Advanced Diploma in Visual arts and photo imaging. Her love of ceremony has caused her to become a Marriage celebrant and JP. She is currently channelling a 365-day book for her team of Angelic beings. Crow's approach is light-hearted, compassionate, and skilful and fun.