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Awakening to Love

Yvonne Lumsdenwith Yvonne Lumsden

I invite you to spread your wings, ignite the flame of your heart and set your wild heart free. Nurture your heart with the nectar of love and experience transformation as ecstatic celebration.

The Heart Chakra is the master key to all personal transformation and healing. The unconditional love of the heart centre transforms all past wounds of love, through the heart we generate the healing qualities of self-love, compassion and higher wisdom.

A tantric shamanic movement practise Kundalini Dance is ahead of its time as a tool for our evolutionary growth. Tapping into your authentic expression of sound and movement combined with Tantric breath practises that I will share – you will have the opportunity to come home to your body, empty your mind, clear old hurts of your heart, fall in love with you and burst into a sea of ecstasy!

See you in the dance of love.
Yvonne X

*Please note no previous dance experience required – this is your own authentic dance of your beautiful body.