A Taste Of The Joining


To help you understand better what to expect at The Joining, here is a taste of what happens in addition to the workshops…

Affinity Groups

Within the Joining community itself, there is the connection and support of a much smaller group – your Affinity Group. Randomly chosen you will gather with about 7 other people for an hour each day to share your experiences and feelings. We have found the support of this small group within the overall Joining space helps individuals to expand and connect in a safe way. Connected with your Affinity Group, you will be able to help be a part of community by contributing to maintaining the nurturing Joining space through occasional light kitchen and other clearing duties, according to a roster displayed in the main hall.


Joining Workshops can be described as Workshop, Creative Session, Playshop, Circle work, Gathering, Dance, Activity, or Process presented in many different modalities each designed to enrich participants personal growth journey. There will also be an "Open Space" forum session where participants are encouraged to put forward their own topics for exploration in group discussions, workshops or activities. This year's theme ‘The Spirit of Community – Playful Beauty Beyond Words’ will be a common thread through most presentations offering people a greater understand and experience of what creates harmonious community. It may be worth noting that you are free to choose your own level of workshop participation throughout the weekend

Honour Yourself

While there are many structured activities at The Joining, nothing is compulsory. If you need time out, we encourage you to listen to and honour what feels right for you. With the multiple choices on offer, and access to all the facilities, you can create your own experience.


Hugging is common at The Joining and often becomes natural. It is also not compulsory. Please respect others by asking permission before hugging and also respecting your own need to be asked. Expressing your response with respect is perfectly OK and does not require you to further explain, unless you choose to.

Community Spaces

We have a comfortable covered space called the cuddle puddle which is for relaxing and lounging in. A marquee in a quiet space near the water will also be available for meditation and contemplation.


Ceremony is used as a means of including and uniting all, in the building of deep personal awareness and connection with self, community and the ground on which we walk. These ceremonies are secular and are held by experienced members of the community. We request that you attend The Joining from the Opening Ceremony (approx. 8pm Thursday night) through to the end of Closing Ceremony (approx. 3pm on Sunday afternoon). If you need to arrive or leave outside of these times, please let a committee member or Elder know. If you feel called to be involved in the ceremonies, please email us at bookings@thejoining.com.au prior to The Joining.