Interested In Facilitating at The Joining 2019?

Dear facilitator,

We know your commitment to making a difference. Your care and love for humanity and our future.

The joining is a unique experience where a facilitator is able to move between facilitation and participation with fellow joiners. You are able to weave your magic into flow of the weekend; you can lead or join an infinity group giving you a chance to connect on a deeper level with participants without the pressure of running a whole weekend. We support you to become a familiar face within the joining community and you help us raise consciousness in communities and around the world.

We look forward to working with you in supporting our community.

Here is some information to help you prepare a submission to come to the Joining.

Format of Workshops:

Workshop time slots are between 90 minutes and 3 hours. It is important that workshops are experiential and on-theme to the Dreaming of the Joining (i.e. we do not encourage lecture-style or generic workshops or workshops designed solely to promote products or services).

Where possible we would love you to stay for the whole 2 1/2 days. The energy of The Joining builds over this time and the whole community builds it, especially those at the facilitator levels who are often sensitive enough to contribute in many other ways.

To Apply to facilitate at the Joining:

Our theme for this year is


Please spend some time contemplating the Dreaming of this year’s Joining and to design your workshop with this in mind.

Consider the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the gift you bring with your participation.

Create a short description of the workshop you are offering. Create this so that we can use it for advertising on the website and social media. Here are some suggestions

You can give us more than one blurb so that we can share different aspects of you or your work.

Make it personal as we are about forming and creating connection and community

Share your dreams within our larger dream.

Create a short 1-2 minute video that we can share

Send photos

You can send us promotional material regularly leading up to The Joining about your workshop and after The Joining in regards to other work you are doing

Please send a short biography and photo to place on our website and social media.

Please add a link to The Joining in your promotions to your database and/or social media networks in the lead up to the event so that your followers and clients know that you will be presenting at this years’ Joining.

What we offer you:

2 ½ days of the gathering with intimate connection and exposure to like-minded people who you can make a difference to
Promotion on our website (with a link to yours if applicable)
Promotion of you and your Joining workshop to The Joining Community via the general Facebook page and the Facebook Joining Community Group as a part of our Marketing campaign.
You may also be included in our other marketing strategies across various traditional media, plus via our new Twitter and Instagram networks.
Promotion of your services or events on the Joining Facebook pages and newsletter, in the 12 months after the Joining.
Space on a table at the gathering for your advertising.
You can place your advertising on any stalls we have throughout our advertising campaign (if applicable)

Workshops are chosen by The Joining First Circle, according to the way they harmonise with the theme of the gathering and to the balance of the Masculine and the Feminine. We usually have more applications than we can accommodate, so your application may be unsuccessful. If you are not successful in your application this year, please come and join us as a participant and immerse yourself in the unique energy of a Joining!

If you are inspired to offer a workshop at the 2019 please email your submission to

Please send us this information with the required details about yourself and your workshop/s by 15th June 2019, sooner is better. We will let you know our decision by 30th June.

If you have any questions please contact us.