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2018 First Circle

Meet the Organising Committee for The Joining Gathering 2018.


Tony Rowe specializes in Bowen Sound Healing for mind, body & spirit wellness. He is the originator of Dynamic Sensory Response DSR Technology for childhood Autism and loves working with the etheric body or life force to create lasting and even karmic change. He is an author and speaker and is constantly exploring ancient and modern practices for the growth and development of humanity.





Anne Miller is a spiritual and anthroposophical counsellor. Her experience ranges from special needs, individual, family and group support.  Anne has been a catalyst and facilitator for personal, and professional development. She has a background in education, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Psychological Kinesiology, Meditation, medical research, and community development.





Kathy Goodwin 

G’day I’m Kathy, I live on 7 acres of natural rainforest, as a single mum with my gorgeous daughter Heidi. I’m a chiropractic Assistant & I love my Job with a passion, but my other passion is dancing, any style, but I do teach Rock’N’Roll which is my specialty.

I’ve been involved with The Joining since 2013 at my first event, then a committee member in First Circle in 2014 which was a wonderful year of growing & learning a lot about myself.

I love the Family Feel of The Joining community it’s always like catching up with loved ones when we gather together. To be around beautiful likeminded people without judgment & loads of support is what it’s all about to me.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon xx 😊



Margaret Kirkman 

As a single mother to two fabulous kids I am passionate about supporting people to be the best that they can be along this lifes’ journey. I believe that creating strong community ties and support networks is an integral part of the journey back to wholeness and maturity.

The call from spirit to step up to the first circle for the Joining Gathering was quite unexpected, strong and clear. I hope to be of service to this community in creating a fantastic event that brings people together to work on there stuff, experience connection in the community and celebrate and  appreciate all the joys and wonders that life has to offer us.

I am looking forward to working with other members of the first circle and the support circles around us and the wider Joining community over the coming months.

Will Bulmer

My name is Will. I am a registered psychologist, remedial massage therapist and body psychotherapist.

I have studied and practiced  dance,  yoga, chi kung, martial arts and healing throughout my life and have taught a variety of classes and workshops in these fields over the past 13 years.

I live on a sustainable community in Northern NSW where I raise my two kids, appreciate deep nature connection and apply permaculture principles my land management practices.

I currently work as an educator with NSW Health and am completing a diploma in integrated Somatic Psychotherapy, as well as carrying the staff as holder of the masculine energy for The Joining,

I am continuing to deepen in my life work of integrating psychotherapy and body oriented practices, to promote personal health and wellbeing.

Christine Clegg

Christine is a musician, scientist, yoga teacher, dancer, holder of ceremonial space, super friend, and mother of one.    Full of ideas, she brings her passion for possibility, and creativity to the Joining Community.  

“ I am inspired to co-create yet another deeply transformative, heart-opening, soul-feeding, gathering of people.  For those who aspire to be more of the best of themselves, and dare to live passionately.” 

Susan Paynter…