2016 Workshops

Our Facilitator Committee are committed to providing a wide variety of workshops and facilitators for The Joining 2016. Many aspects of both the Feminine and the Masculine will be covered in our diverse range of workshops. These include, but are not limited to, inner work, conscious relating, bodywork, singing, drumming and dance, led by experienced facilitators.

Our Facilitator Committee are still in the process of selecting facilitators for our workshops. Invitations have been emailed to our prospective facilitators to apply to facilitate for workshops for this year. If you would like to apply, or if you know of anyone who you would like to see facilitate at this year’s gathering, please email our HOTME Brian Martin for an invitation to apply via facilitatorsthejoining@gmail.com. Completed applications are to be received no later than Friday the 15th of April.

Check back here towards the end of May once workshops have been finalized.