Deirdre Gibb

Deirdre here.  My first Joining experience was in 2009 .What continually draws me back is living in community where space is created that is safe, sacred, welcoming, accepting, harmonious, kind and mindful. This is a world I want to be part of. I stepped up to the First Circle as a few weeks before The Joining in 2015, I asked Spirit “C’mon what’s next”?

I am passionate about The Joining (hey I’m a Scorpio so am passionate by nature and we love bringing the tribe together). I am a qualified astrologer and have trained with Stan Grof and others  in Holotropic breathwork and along with the Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism have pursued a lifelong interest in using these tools for transformation and personal growth for the benefit of all. I also love acting and performing stand up comedy from time to time.

I look forward to  connecting with those of you new to The Joining and, as always , re connecting with returning Joiners. You will be so welcomed, so come with us and be part of weaving a Joining like no other.