Rudran Brannock


Rudran BrannockAbout Rudran

I have been involved in my own inner work for a lot of years and it has taken me to a lot of places, internally as well as externally.

To experience a life of learning I’ve been a druggie and alcoholic, been in the air force, worked on the oil rigs, picked fruit, sold advertising, gone to university, knocked around much of Australia, lived for years on rebirthing communities, had bones broken, been married twice, and have two extraordinary kids.

I’ve fasted and cleansed, prayed and meditated; been initiated, challenged, and dragged kicking and screaming into a semblance of consciousness by those who cared enough about me to kick my arse when I needed it, which was so often that I found it hurt less if I did it for myself.

As a result I studied and taught Aikido, learnt yoga, became a counselor, a rebirther, a body/energy worker and a social artist. I have also trained in strong circle work, and have been at the cutting edge of the development of western men’s inner work. I am a student of Tantric and Shamanic practices.

I am a sometime consulting editor with Living Now magazine on matters Masculine and Feminine.

I am the founder/visionary of THE JOINING, a gathering of men and women to study the coming together of the Masculine and the Feminine in all their forms, and a director of GENESIS, an organization whose mission is to support the development of sustainable culture and ecology, and the relationship between these two. I am also a founding Member of The Very Good Company, a social enterprise whose purpose is the creation of conscious culture.

I am now 61 years old and my body/mind has become more resonant rather than interpretive. My life purpose is in the passing on of the clues – of growing oneself up into a richly embodied and matured human being; of creating conscious culture and internalizing the Divine Dance of the Masculine and the Feminine