Morning Grounding

Amon Woulfewith Amon Woulfe and Trevor Cohen

Begin your day feeling fresh & recharged, centred, clear and connected. A Grounding Class is a wonderful opportunity to get out of your head and back in your body, as you clear the blocks to self expression and vitality.

The classes are built off the field of Bioenergetics, and utilise body-based psychotherapy techniques to activate, open and release psycho-somatic blocks that are held in your body. This allows your energy to flow more freely and to be open to experience the full aliveness of yourself.

Being “Ungrounded” is very symptomatic of modern life, with a heavy focus on mental activity and always being on in a 24/7 world. This can lead to increased levels of psychological distress, muscular tension, and dissociation with the body’s wisdom and signals.

Being “Grounded” allows a much clearer perception of reality, as you are less defended, more present, more centered, more open and better able to relate to, enjoy and experience the world.