Theme 2017

Each year, the Joining Community hold a Dreaming to discover the theme that embodies the basis of that year’s event. This year, our dreaming will be held on the  8th of July at the Murrenbong Campsite. Where we will camp overnight. the cost is $10 per person and you can contact us for more details.

The Emerging themes for this years joining are:    

Rebirth, Re-emergence, Renewal.  

We have yet to distill the essence of our theme for this year, and if you would like to have the opportunity to participate you are welcome to join us at our Dreaming Event.


The Creation of ‘The Joining’ Essence

Each year a man and a woman, the ‘Staff’ and ‘Basket’ Holders of The Joining carry the masculine and feminine energies for the next year. We now call them HOTFE (Holder Of The Feminine Energy) and HOTME (Holder Of The Masculine Energy). Both of these symbols have been with The Joining since 2003 -the first gathering of this kind held in Australia. The year’s journey for the Energy Holders and the First Circle committee is very different from work on other committees.

There are two aspects of being on the committee, the first part is doing the practical component of putting on the gathering and the other is about doing the inner work together as a group. Unresolved personal issues may come up; therefore, the committee participates in many days and/or weekends doing their ‘inner’ work with each other. Often facilitators from The Joining offer the committee their services.

The container that is held at The Joining is made of the willingness of those at its heart – the Directors, the Elders, Committee and Helpers – to do their inner work at the individual and cultural levels.