Amon Woulfewith Amon Woulfe and Heather Albrecht

Learn how the Japanese art of Kensan can create inner stillness, peace and insight. Through a process of deep group inner inquiry, we begin to reveal the deeper truths that lie hidden within.

Kensan is a process of “Sharpening The Point”, allowing you to access new levels of awareness that may not be able or willing to go alone. It is literally a journey to heart, uncovering much of what may stand between a person finding their way home…to themselves.

Says Amon: “Kensan has been one of the most powerful tools for coming to know and understand myself. It has helped shed light of parts of myself, ideas, beliefs and positions that I was unaware even existed. It has developed a new foundation from which I stand upon, and a new more aware way of understanding my life. Kensan has been a journey to the heart of transformation like no other that I have experienced, and I look forward to sharing this with gift to other travellers on the path.”

Infused with the beautiful energy of Japanese culture, touched with subtle elements of Zen Buddhism and Shinto, and carried with a holding born of modern and ancient wisdom traditions, Kensan is taking new form in the west after a 60 year tradition in Japan. Honouring of its roots, and finding a new language in our modern cultural context, may Kensan be a tool of peace, understanding and harmony in our communities, homes and workplaces.