Jason Gonzalez


Hi my name is Jason González.

Being an only parent for 10 years, my daughter growing into an adult now, coming to an understanding that for my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the people I love and all the people in the world we live in I have realised  I can and need to open up and actively engage with people, to share myself openly and being open to each individual, therefore growing, weaving our (all equally inclusive) community.

As well as just feeling to, I stepped forward to be a part of this year’s First Circle because I dearly and adamantly want and need to actively (individually and collectively) form, grow and create our community.

I am always willing to discuss the how’s and why’s of forming our community in a face to face manner, though most of the time I am willing to engage in ways such as on The Joining Facebook page etc.

I intend to offer my years of experience, knowledge, understandings, perspectives and approaches to The Joining Community.