Brian Martin – Holder of the Masculine Energy

Brian MartinHi, I'm Brian Martin. My life has been about harmony for a long time.  I teach World Music songs in Australia and internationally.  I lived and taught music in Japan for 3 years and have a passion for cultures and subcultures linking together through joint purpose.  I came to the first Joining Festival and many after that.  I have also spend more than 20 years leading men in song at Mens' Festivals. I am very interested in the way community weaves together and the invisible structures that are in place to help that happen.  Through training in Pranic Healing and NLP (Neuro Lingistic Processing) and Music, I have been fascinated by group communication and the many ways we share a moment with each other as a community. This year I stood up to be the Holder of The Masculine energy for The Joining.  This has already been an intensified journey of depth, strengthening the masculine aspects of me and how that journeys with the Feminine. I am so glad to be doing this journey with my wife as the Feminine Energy Holder.  I always come away from the Joining Weekends with a full heart and more hope for our changing culture.  Gathering together with the intention of healing and connection makes such a difference in all our lives.