Cornelia Schwabe – Holder of the Feminine Energy

CorneliaHi, I’m Cornelia. Photographer by occupation and at heart, I like to look for the beauty in life, the way that light and shadow play together to create an extraordinary tapestry, rich in colour and experience. Having attended two Joining Gatherings so far, I have come to feel right at home amongst my new Joining Family. I love the openness and support I have both experienced and been able to give as a result of these new connections. Stepping up to First Circle is the next step in for me in my deepening connection with myself and those around me. It’s a journey. One that I’m looking forward to with that nervous anticipation that sometimes comes with deep personal growth. I am so honoured to be the Feminine Energy Holder this year, and am incredibly grateful to be in a position to feel the support of my husband as Masculine energy holder. I’m very much looking forward to working together, not just with First Circle, but with the greater Joining community to create a beautiful and powerful Joining Gathering this year.