Georgia Railton-Stewart

GeorgiaHi, I’m Georgia Railton-Stewart.

This year will be my 12th Joining Gathering. I love the people I meet at the Joining and the depth of connection I can have with them…and myself. My close friend’s these days are mostly people I have met through the Joining; they are the family I got to choose.

Stepping onto First Circle always gives me the opportunity to deepen my connection with a bunch of good-hearted people and to explore more of my own inner world through that connection. Plus, I love organising events and am actually going back to Uni this year to study a Bachelor of Business in Event Management and Entrepreneurship.

I’m the treasurer this year for the Joining First Circle and am also playing a support role to the rest of First Circle as I have been the Feminine Energy Holder, President and Communicator on past First Circles and have worked on Marketing, Logisitcs, Facilitator’s and Recruitment Sub-committees in the past.

I look forward to what we will create for you at this year’s Gathering. And I also look forward to getting to celebrate my birthday again at this year’s event. I look forward to crossing paths with you and connecting throughout the year and at the Joining in September as we weave the invisible thread’s community together.