2015 Facilitators

Our programme for 2015 featured a huge variety of workshops from local, national and international presenters. Some familiar faces, some new friends.




Cynthia ConnopCynthia Connop is the founder and facilitator of the Living Love workshop program. Cynthia has been exploring transformational work for over 25 years, is a personal growth facilitator and documentary filmmaker. She has facilitated numerous workshops. Cynthia has a private relationship consulting practice. See more



Brian MartinBrian Martin is an award winning and internationally acclaimed musician and facilitator, a dynamic teacher, highly skilled conductor, voice coach and performer with more than 20 years of professional experience. His positive approach helps workshop participants experience the joy of singing in a relaxed and nurturing environment. See more



Robin ClayfieldRobin Clayfield is an international facilitator, trainer, author and musician with a passion for creative, interactive group work, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ritual, Ceremony and Women’s Empowerment.  See more




Ernst DamsErnst Dams has been co-facilitating the Living Love programs with Cynthia Connop since early 2009. He has been involved with Deida-inspired men’s groups for over fifteen years and currently leads a committed weekly men’s group in the Byron Shire. He is passionate about assisting men and women in exploring and deepening their true sexual essence, encouraging them to live & play in this enlivened polarity. See more



Yvonne LumsdenYvonne Lumsden is an author, modern-day medicine Woman, healer, creative soul and wild kundalini dancer. Her work is deeply intuitive with a focus on personal awakening, profound communication with the energetic and physical body and a return to the wisdom of an open and vulnerable heart. OneLove Foundation is medicine for the soul based in Brisbane,  Australia. See more


Rudran BrannockRudran Brannock has been involved in his own inner work for many years and it has taken him to a lot of places. He has studied and taught Aikido, learnt yoga, become a counselor, a rebirther, a body/energy worker and a social artist, trained in strong circle work, been at the cutting edge of the development of western men’s inner work and is a student of Tantric and Shamanic practices. See more


Sarah BeSarah Be is a transformation specialist and Catalyst for change! She travels Australia wide creating the space for change and true resolution. In groups and individually Sarah can read your energetic space and can bring your unconscious and subconscious energies to your attention so you can clear any blockages with ease. Sarah can facilitate this through many different modalities and facilitates private sessions, group seminars,and bodywork. See more


Trevor CohenTrevor Cohen has post-graduate training as an integrative body psychotherapist. He has worked in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities focusing on body, mind, soul and spirit integration. He runs regular groups, workshops and retreats in various spaces and is an experienced group facilitator.  See more


Kate BKate B
 has been a singer for as long as she can remember and first picked up the guitar when she was 14. She has done everything musical short of playing in an orchestra… from folk to blues and cafes to weddings and community choirs. Her journey has more recently carried her back to the world of chanting, mantra and kirtan, revisiting an old passion in the joy of creating uplifting sound with others. See more


Steve McKenzieSteve McKenzie an Elder with Men’s Wellbeing.  He facilitates vision quests under the lineage of Lipian Apache Stalking Wolf of Tom Brown Jr fame. He is also a family and systemic constellations facilitator, has Diploma of Ontological Coaching and has been practicing for 11 years. He has been called into ancestral work using a sacred circle (medicine wheel). See more



Bill Lee-EmeryBill Lee-Emery is one of the foremost mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technique) Master Trainers in Australia and is highly regarded by his peers. He has appeared on several radio and TV shows in Australia and overseas. He has a genuine passion for helping people to discover their own innate wisdom and, throughout his 35 years of work within the personal development field, he has helped thousands of people improve their lives, including Business Leaders, Olympians and World-Class athletes. He is the author of four books, and is currently writing his latest book for ’Conscious Entrepreneurs’. See more


DayAnandaDayAnanda is an inner explorer. In this lifetime she has been blessed with the discovery of many ways to uncover the treasures of the truth. Reiki, Yoga, meditation, Singing, Writing, Designing and Creating are a few of these gems. She loves to share the riches she has found in fun and informative ways and believes all messages of truth are sent to help us Re-Member. See more





Rob ClarkRob Clark is a passionate supporter of Men’s work for many years, Rob is an initiated Elder in the Men’s Wellbeing community. See more




Pauline RyelandPauline Ryeland, is an Intimacy Whisperer and is a certified Somatic Sexological Body Worker, Tantra Teacher & Facilitator & a Relationship & Intimacy Coach & Educator. She assists men & women, singles or couples who are experiencing challenges in any areas to do with intimacy, relationships, communication, sex & everything in between. Pauline also teaches Tantra to couples to deepen their intimate connection and love making. See more


Jo O'Shanesy and PravasPravas and Jo O’Shanesy are Elders experienced in facilitating experiential group work. Pravas is a seasoned meditator and a Lead Facilitator for Common Ground groups offered by the Men’s Well Being Association. Jo is a Social Worker with three decades of experience in trauma informed therapeutic intervention. They are Beloveds who recognise in each other The Journey of Love. They are committed to their inner work as individuals and as a partnership. See more


Amon WoulfeAmon Woulfe is a GroupMind, Kensan and Mindfulness trainer, facilitator and coach and the founder of Collective Mind, teaching people how to experience ‘groups in flow’. Passionate about Kensan and Collective Wisdom, his aim is to build a bridge that combines the gifts of Eastern group wisdom and Western culture, to re-imagine a new way of creating harmonious groups. See more


Heather AlbrechtHeather Albrecht has a deep interest in Self-Knowledge has taken her to ashrams in India, meditation retreats in Asia and the transpersonal schools of North America. She is a registered Psychotherapist, a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and has established a personal mindfulness practice that has deepened significantly over the decades, supporting her in flourishing in these uncertain times. See more


Terrence BishopTerrence Bishop knows nothing for sure, has no qualifications of substance, and is often observed standing dumbfounded and slightly amused at the crazy-ass antics of humans (including himself) as we stumble on our way to seeing the divine at play right under our noses. See more



Arisa InlakeshArisa Inlakesh is not one for fluff, and opts instead to cut to the core or heart of matters. She is experienced in workshop facilitation, areas of gigong, motivation, art, healing energetic’s & project management (building industry) both in and out of corporate world. Intimate and passionate with everything in her life, Arisa walks her talk with practical heart opening and trans formative moment-to-moment integral life practices, not as an ideal. See more


Shannon BrannockShannon Brannock has many loves in this life! One of her biggest passions is Aikido, closely followed by juggling, drama, song, yoga, dance, languages, inner work like co-counseling, group work and EFT, being with children, games and nature. She facilitates workshops in depth connection, play, drama, juggling, Laughter Yoga and Aikido. The aim my work is supporting people to live full, joyous, healthy and happy lives!! See more


Kathy Goodwin Kathy Goodwin has been dancing rock’n’roll for 18 years now. She first took up dancing in 1997 after ending her marriage and within a year of taking up this sport ‘for fun’, she had won her first (of 3) Australian titles. However but for Kathy, this wasn’t about the trophies, this was the first thing in her life that she had done for herself….. it made her happy, she started to feel good about herself again. She would love to share her love of Rock’n’Roll dancing with you to see if it will Transform your Heart as it did hers, all those years ago. See more