Deirdre Gibb

Deirdre here.  My first Joining experience was in 2009 .What continually draws me back is living in community where space is created that is safe, sacred, welcoming, accepting, harmonious, kind and mindful. This is a world I want to be part of. I stepped up to the First Circle as a few weeks before The Joining in 2015, I asked Spirit “C’mon what’s next”?

I am passionate about The Joining (hey I’m a Scorpio so am passionate by nature and we love bringing the tribe together). I am a qualified astrologer and have trained with Stan Grof and others  in Holotropic breathwork and along with the Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism have pursued a lifelong interest in using these tools for transformation and personal growth for the benefit of all. I also love acting and performing stand up comedy from time to time.

I look forward to  connecting with those of you new to The Joining and, as always , re connecting with returning Joiners. You will be so welcomed, so come with us and be part of weaving a Joining like no other.

Jason Gonzalez


Hi my name is Jason González.

Being an only parent for 10 years, my daughter growing into an adult now, coming to an understanding that for my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the people I love and all the people in the world we live in I have realised  I can and need to open up and actively engage with people, to share myself openly and being open to each individual, therefore growing, weaving our (all equally inclusive) community.

As well as just feeling to, I stepped forward to be a part of this year’s First Circle because I dearly and adamantly want and need to actively (individually and collectively) form, grow and create our community.

I am always willing to discuss the how’s and why’s of forming our community in a face to face manner, though most of the time I am willing to engage in ways such as on The Joining Facebook page etc.

I intend to offer my years of experience, knowledge, understandings, perspectives and approaches to The Joining Community.


James McCormack

JamesHi I’m James McCormack. I have lived in the Maleny area for 25 years,  16 of them at Crystal Waters.

I am an electrician by trade and work for myself in the local area.

I am interested in personal growth and have been to mens weekends, am in a mens group, have done week long retreats at Kin Kin and Lillian Rock. I have attended one Joining Festival.

I like 12 step groups,such as Al Anon which seem to give people a chance to share at a deeper level.

I am looking forward to this year and hope to contribute to the best of my ability to a successful joining 2016.

Georgia Railton-Stewart

GeorgiaHi, I’m Georgia Railton-Stewart.

This year will be my 12th Joining Gathering. I love the people I meet at the Joining and the depth of connection I can have with them…and myself. My close friend’s these days are mostly people I have met through the Joining; they are the family I got to choose.

Stepping onto First Circle always gives me the opportunity to deepen my connection with a bunch of good-hearted people and to explore more of my own inner world through that connection. Plus, I love organising events and am actually going back to Uni this year to study a Bachelor of Business in Event Management and Entrepreneurship.

I’m the treasurer this year for the Joining First Circle and am also playing a support role to the rest of First Circle as I have been the Feminine Energy Holder, President and Communicator on past First Circles and have worked on Marketing, Logisitcs, Facilitator’s and Recruitment Sub-committees in the past.

I look forward to what we will create for you at this year’s Gathering. And I also look forward to getting to celebrate my birthday again at this year’s event. I look forward to crossing paths with you and connecting throughout the year and at the Joining in September as we weave the invisible thread’s community together.