2017 Program

Here we are again with another amazing line up of extraordinary souls who are sharing their time, passions, ancient wisdom and generous hearts as part of our 2o17 joining program. We have local, national and international presenters connecting with us this year.

this years workshops are infused with our theme of “connecting with ancient wisdom and remembering who you are.” We look forward to the care and love we all bring to this special event.


Special Guest Presenter – Darren Percival aka Mr Percival

We were thrilled to welcome back Mr Percival as our Special Guest at the Joining this.

This amazing and generous man has gifted us with his presence we have no doubt that his big heart and voice will find its place in connection with Brian and Kate.

As well as doing group singing he will undoubtedly make his presence felt through the warmth of his voice.  Some of you may have experienced his magical ability to weave within community the expression of the human voice at Woodford and our Joining last year. He is well know for his incredible singing groups and superb ‘The Voice’ performances. His passionate heart will inspire, uplift and connect you.


Kean and Kath explore – The Phoenix Rising – Birth, Death and Evolution

Do you realise that there is always a part of you birthing, emerging, and renewing? Well this is as much true for you as it is for the ‘New Joining’ right now. All because you will be there to witness it.

Of course, at the same time there is always the opposite……. death! No one who is unprepared likes to face death. Stress and Pain are primary teachers of death and you will have a chance to upgrade your skills here!

There is a continual challenge to Be Yourself, as much in loss and death, as in birth, emerging, and renewing. As we reassess life and ourselves in ‘new life conditions’ we face ourselves once more, emerging from the cycle of loss, letting go and death, as a New Human. A new You!

This session will be led by a story and then you will have an opportunity to share/talk about this and then skilfully guided into 3/4 experiential processes, catered to the group. That will help you realise more of you, as you recognise your ability to navigate your own Phoenix Rising!


Rama & Kaliana present – Sacred Union Workshop 

This experiential workshop is a deep and enriching journey for couples or singles … a combination of dynamic processes, transmissions from the Family of Light and Twin Flame Alliances, and a guided journey to the Cavern of Sacred Sexuality, to support the ignition of your inner Union. Support to deepen your intimacy with the Divine, intimacy with your own core essence and intimacy with others.


Esther and William delve into Gender Equity and Reconciliation

Join us for an innovative forum, bringing women and men together to jointly address gender conditioning and gender injustice as we birth deeper acceptance of ourselves and others, introducing you to beloved community and transforming our humanity. Come along and explore some of your own gender story and connect with others around their unique and individual experiences of being women and men, in their families, workplaces, and social settings.  

 ‘The future of humanity will be decided not by relations between nations, but by relations between women and men.‘ DH Lawrence


Robin Clayfield – Remembering and Connecting Deeply through Ritual and Ceremony

Personal rituals and community ceremony are powerful tools for connecting with all wisdom and particularly our own inner wisdom. Intention is magic. The work, purposeful and potent. Robin’s workshop will explore stories of transformation, connection and remembering through rituals and ceremony, both ancient, modern and also cultural. It will unearth the treasures of each step in the process and invite you to create your own personal ritual designed for your current requirements.


Des O’Flynn presents – The art of Latin Dance

Merengue is the easiest of all latin partner dances.  It is a simple, fun and cheeky latin partner dance that originated in the Dominican Republic, which is part of a large island east of Central America in the Caribbean Sea, near Cuba. Merengue spread rapidly from there throughout the world, including throughout Australia. It is danced the same way everywhere.

The music is very distinctive, and requires that only Merengue is danced to Merengue music.  The beat is the very simple 1,2,1,2,etc. The music is usually moderate, but can be very fast because the dance is so simple.  Most of the music is sung in Spanish with themes of love.  Merengue is danced in most latin dance venues where Salsa (from Cuba) and Bachata (also from the Dominican Republic) are danced.  Merengue is usually the first latin dance to be learned by beginners.

You do not need any dance experience to participate in this workshop.  We will focus on simple basics including turns.  You will be able to disprove “inner voices” that you cannot dance.  We will be swapping partners throughout the workshop so that everyone can enjoy the fun.  It is quite easy to learn, and you will be up dancing this style with a partner in no time.


Sarah Be – What if Energy is Your Primary Language?

Would you be willing to get out of your head and onto your knowing / intuition as the place to make your life choices from? What if there are millions of possibilities for every situation and yet we have been taught to function from our heads and create limitations instead!!  What if we could really create the outcomes we desire?

What if you truly knowing you is all that is required to open the gateway to this? Would you be willing to unlock and let go of all the head created definitions of you so you can begin to know that you really are far greater than that!!


Brian Martin – Voice power 

What is it about some people, how is it that they have everyone engaged when they speak or sing?  What gives their voice the POWER or authority that makes people stop and listen?

Well Voice Power changes all that! This is a powerful workshop that allows anyone to summon greater power in their voice. Everyone can have power in their voice and how do we uncover that power?  Through his wisdom, experience and highly developed training techniques Brian will help you discover what voice power is and how to come to know it, feel it and enjoy it within yourself.  By exploring the physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects of voice production through applied vocal techniques, song and movement, you will learn how to deliver your voice with impact and ease, while having fun.  Learn how to use clarity, projection, and presence to unleash the power of your own voice!


Kylie Wood –  The power of Dance 

Hi! My name is Kylie & I am an avid dancer & advocate of expanding the human Being. It is with immense joy that I share my passion for the natural rhythms of life, dancing and moving to heal.

 I will be bringing this ceremony to YOU at the Joining Gathering this coming equinox……..

The last 5 years I have enjoyed dancing Nia, Biodanza, 5 rhythms, and any conscious free dance I could find!

This session allows anyone to join at anytime in the session, but with a focus on the equinox, free dance & a communal circle at the BEGINNING to share the gift of presence & connection with fellow joining goers.



The dance of life is both a morning health practice and a life affirming ritual. It is based on the shamanic traditions of the Cherokee people of North America and involves using ceremonial movement and chanting to weave the energies of life together and harmonise them within ourselves. The life energy cultivated in the practice is then offered, with a sense of prayer and intention, out into the world and into our lives.



Do-In is a practice that offers a way in…

Into our conscious connections with our bodies, our breath, our presence and our aliveness.

Do-In is a body practice that draws upon eastern yoga and martial arts traditions and integrates principles of structural alignment, meridian theory and bioenergetics.

A great way to start the day and deepen your sense of vitality, groundedness and openness to life.

Kate Barzdo – Chanting Circle

We gather.  We become still.  We join our hearts in song.  We share harmony.  

You are warmly invited to join Kate B for this gathering of sacred sound and song, where we will come together and create our group sound, our ‘one voice’. As each of us finds our inner place of stillness through sound, we are led to a state of presence and connection with ourselves and others. Come and explore your voice and find your bliss through singing!

With a modern infusion of eclectic styles on celtic harp, ukulele & guitar, including beautiful folk, traditional sanskrit chants and sweet harmonies, this music is truly a pleasure to the ear and the heart. Kate shares original songs and chants from her debut album Sun and Moon.  You can rest, you can sing, enjoy the vibe!