2018 Program

Here we are again with another amazing line up of extraordinary souls who are sharing their time, passions, ancient wisdom and generous hearts as part of our 2018 joining program. We have local, national and international presenters connecting with us this year.

this years workshops are infused with our theme of “Depth, Richness and Empowerment to all our relationships.” We look forward to the care and love we all bring to this special event.


Gender Roles And The 4 Behavioural Connection Styles – Foxxy & Robert

This powerful workshop is different and out of the box. It will open your eyes and enrich your view of relationships and how we believe we need to relate to each other. 

By exploring through interactive role play, Foxxy and Robert bring a dynamically entertaining and immersive educational experience for all.  Explore how you connect and relate to your partner, parents, children and others.  Understand the dynamics that play out in your adult life that are driven by your childhood upbringing.

Foxxy and Robert have a natural gift of intuitively working with the energies between people and provide a safe space for questioning and discovery.

Sensory Body artist – Marc Bright 

I work as  a Professional Body Artist utilizing a Contemporary Modality Called Sensory Body Art Readings. 

The workshop  process includes

** preparing the Paints- with  ‘infusions of natural crystal tincure and aromatherapies colours ,prayer.sonics harmonics sacred song and meditation..

    ** Connecting with the Facts ,Science  Mythologies and Spirituality of the Joining Ceremonies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within

    **  Experience using Sacred Art Symbols, intuitive journey story and potent healing powers of the Traditional  and Contemporary Sacred Body Artist..

“Being All Of You With Another!” with Sarah Be and Ben Properjohn

How often do we be what “we think” the other person desires us to be instead of being you no matter what? How is it possible (I hear you ask!) for to be you and them be them and you both have everything you desire and require and have a relationship that becomes greater?

Ben and Sarah will be giving you the secrets that they function from to create this.  There are 5 key elements to making this type of relationship successful. The first is the Choice to choose it! In this 2.5 hour workshop they will be giving you these keys and discussing the limitations that so often get in the way of this being possible for all of us.  These elements will also work at community level too!

 Sarah and Ben also both have very unique energetic capacities which they will use during the workshop to clear any energetic limitations people have as they go!!

How amazing would it be for you to know you could always be you, your partner could always be them, and you can both have everything you would like?

The challenges of relationship – Louise Donovan, Gary Cox, Brian Martin, Anne Miller, Robin Clayfield

Experience sitting in circle as the community come together in relationship. Integrating individuals, couples, genders, groups, families, this amazing event will leave you in new realms and paradigms of relating with those around you. lead by a team of relationship counsellors, elders and community leaders you can expect to be surprised and enthralled as you delve into the fullness and richness of your being.


The dance of life is both a morning health practice and a life affirming ritual. It is based on the shamanic traditions of the Cherokee people of North America and involves using ceremonial movement and chanting to weave the energies of life together and harmonise them within ourselves. The life energy cultivated in the practice is then offered, with a sense of prayer and intention, out into the world and into our lives.

Supporting Each Other to Shine – Robin Clayfield 

Supporting Each Other to Shine
How deep do you want to go?
How ‘rich’ are your relationships? With yourself, your beloveds, your friends? With the Earth and with your community?
How well do you listen? How free are you to express, dance, play and live your love and your dreams?
and… How much support do you give and receive to stand tall and shining in all your relationships and all your endeavours?

Wow! So many questions. We’ll answer them, and others, in a gentle way. We’ll bring all to the moment, dive as deep as we choose and support each other to celebrate all that is good and rich in our world. Let’s weave depth, richness and empowerment into our core and into everything we do and carry it forward as a gift.

Robin’s workshop will be held in a sacred ceremonial space and involve interactive exercises, movement, visualization, music and creativity. You’ll take away a woven band as an anchor, a symbolic reminder and a celebration of the quality of the relationships we choose to create so we may enjoy and live our lives to the full.

Mother/Father: honouring the ancestors – Mirror Living

Many traditional and tribal cultures are recognised in part by their connection to the ancestors. They have formal, collective ways to honour and recognise the gifts contained in their direct bloodline. In Western culture, there is no ritualistic way of yoking our lives with the lives of all who’ve walked this earth before us so here we gather in circle to wonder together about our ancestors: mother, father and more back through time. We’ll ponder out loud what they taught us and how we live because of them and if we’re lucky, deepen together in gratitude, grace and connection to what is.

Men and Women – The Sweet Spot Between Our Differences and Sameness – Aaila T Greene 

Sometimes the opposite sex feels like an alien that we just can’t understand.  The truth is that men and women are different.  We need different things to feel fulfilled and loved and we run totally different operating systems, at different paces, in different ways.  And yet – we share the same human brain with the same capacity to wear masks, make up stories and feel fear (for reasons we don’t understand).  Learn the magical formula of BOTH and how to dance between our sameness and differences to create powerful, loving, expansive relationships.

This workshop teaches you how to live in the sweet spot between the two to best honour yourself and each other and experience magic in all relationships

Rich Romantic Relationships-for Singles 

This workshop is for single people who want to finally find love, settle down and create an enriching, vibrant life with their life partner. We will spend time getting crystal clear on the type of person you would like to welcome into your life, powerfully vision the possible and clear away some blockages and challenges that are in the way of us having that fulfilling relationship in our world. Bring the richness and depth of YOU into your relationship with your life partner, and Welcome Lasting Love!

Morning meditation with Pravas


Dynamic  Meditation.
This is a powerful process using loud voice and movement to release the unexpressed emotions which then moves into silence/stillness and ends with joyous ecstatic dance.This is a fast track method to help clear whatever “stuff” we may have brought with us so we are then clear and open for the learnings of the Joining.

Sufi dancing and whirling.
This is a gentle process using soft repetitive sound mixed with gentle repetitive movement that brings us to our Center.
From this calm space we move slowly and gently into circles of whirling with arms outstretched followed by stillness in silence.
Participants leave in calm and centered.

One hour each before breakfast. All meditations will be offered with clear instruction at the start of each meditation.
This will include safety guidelines and reminder of personal responsibility of self care/ participating to limit of individual health and well being.

Kundalini Yoga – Fiona Kaminski

 “The techniques offered in Kundalini yoga help us to adapt and function harmoniously in our ever changing environment and society.  We leave a Kundalini Yoga class feeling more healthy, emotionally stable and spiritually balanced, so that we can then approach our day with a new zest for life, and bring more light to the world.   A class leaves you with an overwhelming sense that you have nurtured your entire being and truly experienced something special.”

This Kundalini Yoga workshop offers a powerful and dynamic blend of physical postures, breath work, movement, meditation, mantra and relaxation, the combination of which helps to raise our consciousness, and increase our flow of creativity, manifestation and connection with each other and the divine.  Visit www.lovekundalini.com for more information.

Kylie Wood –  The power of Dance 

Hi! My name is Kylie & I am an avid dancer & advocate of expanding the human Being. It is with immense joy that I share my passion for the natural rhythms of life, dancing and moving to heal.

 I will be bringing this ceremony to YOU at the Joining Gathering this coming equinox……..

The last 5 years I have enjoyed dancing Nia, Biodanza, 5 rhythms, and any conscious free dance I could find!

This session allows anyone to join at anytime in the session, but with a focus on the equinox, free dance & a communal circle at the BEGINNING to share the gift of presence & connection with fellow joining goers.