2015 Program

Our program for 2015 featured another incredible array of offerings from our local, national and international presenters.

Each year, facilitators are asked to present workshops that speak to the theme, which for 2015 was “Journey to the Heart of Transformation”.


Cynthia ConnopLiving Love for Women

with Cynthia Connop

The Heart of Woman is a transformational powerhouse. In this workshop you will naturally open to experience your boundless love-light. Connecting with our gifts as women, our heart and body become a source of delight and transformation. We are free to be radiant, powerful, generous and unashamedly express our feminine feelings. See more


Brian MartinVoice Power

with Brian Martin

“…as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Our voice is a beautiful reflection of who we are and yet we can cover it up and hide it from the world. How do we find our voice and share our passion through it? Voice Power, as part of the journey to the heart transformation and the joining, is about letting what is inside be heard, nurtured and let out to play. See more


fire heartSitting in the Fire – a journey of exploration into relationship with no expectations

All journeys lead to the heart, the sacred flame of love for one-self. How often have your expectations of yourself or your partner got in the way of this? Can you imagine a relationship with no expectations, where each person is free to truly be themselves? This workshop invites the exploration of these questions and the role expectations play in our relationships. See more


Ernst DamsLiving Love & Freedom for Men (Deida based)

with Ernst Dams

When men access their inner knowing and freedom they are able to transform in alignment with their deepest purpose. In this workshop you will find clarity and integrity in identifying what you want to transform and be supported & witnessed by your brothers. Feeling through our resistances and taking a stand to be trustable, accountable men has the power to transform ourselves, our relationships and our communities. See more


Yvonne LumsdenWomen with Balls

with Yvonne Lumsden

Are you feeling you are more like a man in a woman’s body?
May sound strange, but have you noticed you are operating more from your masculine, in ‘doing” mode leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed or generally out of sorts with you? Perhaps in your relationships intimate or otherwise, you are the one surging forward, making the plans, the goals leading the way? See more


Rudran BrannockThe Heart of Transformation

with Rudran Brannock

… into our power, mastery and presence. This is not about therapy, it is the place where we grow each other up with truth and the skills to bring all of ourselves to bear at any moment. It is an end to staying small. See more


Sarah BeThe 5 Keys to Transforming your Heart to Heart Relationships

with Sara Be

Would you be willing to have a fresh look at yourself and your relationships from a different perspective? This 3 hour interactive workshop is designed to provoke new awareness about The 5 true elements of Heart to Heart Relationships., These are honour, trust, allowance, vulnerability, and gratitude. See more


Prem PravasMorning Meditations

with Pravas

Each morning, Pravas will be leading an Early Morning Meditation. The theme of each morning’s meditation is in alignment with the overall energetics of that day’s workshop program and so aside from being a yummy way to start the day, helps sink you and everyone else deeper into the transformative process that is The Joining. See more


Cynthia ConnopLiving Love for Singles and Couples

with Cynthia Connop and Ernst Dams

Through experiential practices we will explore the heart of love, freedom and transformation in the interplay of masculine and feminine energies. When men and women come together to experience this magnetic polarity with love and devotion much is naturally transformed. This happens differently for both essences. See more


Trevor CohenBro Space

with Trevor Cohen

This men-only workshop is designed for you to see and experience the deep and transformational work of Core Energetics at work with the support of men. See more


Morning YogaMorning Yoga 

with Kate B

Kate Yoga classes are a rich tapestry of her 20yrs of experience as a teacher, combining many styles including Yoga Chi Gung, restorative & gentle vinyasa styles, with 5 Element Theory.  See more


Steve McKenzieSacred Ancestor Circle

with Steve McKenzie

Come on a gentle systemic constellation journey deep within (with the support of Spirit, your guides and ancestors) to explore your true essence in a tribal Sacred Circle. This is an opportunity for a beautiful heart opening. This is not a workshop; it is an experience. See more


Bill Lee-EmeryIf you are not Following your Heart, then where are you Headed?

with Bill Lee-Emery

The latest neuroscience research confirms you have complex, adaptive and fully functional ‘brains’ or ‘intelligences’, in your head, heart and gut. Of these, the heart intelligence leads the way…and is the key to our inner transformation and expression of our deepest authentic self.  See more


DayAnandaHear you Heart’s Song

with Day Ananda

My name is DayAnanda and I would like to invite all souls on an inner expedition to the heart of our being. Let’s venture into the cells, recover the hidden gems, decipher the clues and unlock the memories of the ultimate treasure and unsolved mystery! US!
Hear your heart, open your heart, be your heart then share your heart’s song. How to Hear the Heart’s Song. See more


Yvonne LumsdenAwakening to Love

with Yvonne Lumsden

I invite you to spread your wings, ignite the flame of your heart and set your wild heart free. Nurture your heart with the nectar of love and experience transformation as ecstatic celebration. See more


Trevor CohenYoga Dance

with Trevor Cohen

Yoga Dance sessions give us presence, centredness, aliveness, calmness and ease in a systematic 4 stage process that prepares us for whatever the day brings. Each session takes us on a comprehensive journey exercising, refreshing and defragging through Stretching, charging, discharging and integration. See more


Jo O'Shanesy and PravasThe Nth Degree

with Jo O’Shanesy and Pravas

Elders Jo and Pravas will hold space for men and women to participate in The Nth Degree experience, which launches individuals into realms of consciousness beyond the everyday state of being. The Nth Degree incorporates aspects of moving meditation, harmonics, body percussion, chakra balancing and energy work within the spectrum of light and colour. See more


Pauline RConnect to Your Heart Space – A Journey for Women

with Pauline Ryeland

We all desire to meet & connect in a deep way with another & to find a balance within our own feminine and masculine. The first thing we must do is connect to our own heart, love ourselves, heal our hearts, and let go of our own doubts & fears, lack of self worth & woundings. See more


Shannon BrannockJourney of Transformation through the Body

with Shannon Brannock

We will Journey  together physically, mentally, and heart to heart to discover what our bodies’ deeper wisdom is telling us about our selves-rejoicing in and enhancing our bodies’ blessings and clearing energy around its challenges. We will warm our beautiful, bountiful bodies, touch base with our physical centre and hearts, to begin our journey of Transformation. See more


Terrence Bishop Transformation through Intimacy

with Terry Bishop and Arisa Inlakesh

An exploration of how an intimate relationship can become both sanctuary and crucible for a deeper, more authentic life. Based on the work of Robert Augustus Masters from his book of the same name, we explore his use of the term ‘awakened monogamy’, and how the commitment to go deeply with one person can be used in service of awakening from the game of compromise and victimhood into a life oozing with freedom, love and beauty. See more


Pauline RTransform Your Heart – A Journey for Men

with Pauline Ryeland and Ben Gair

Deep down all men want to feel love too & unfortunately men have been conditioned through culture and religion that they have to be tough. There are so many mixed messages about the “what & how” of sex instead of allowing it to “just be”. See more


Prem PravasTransforming to a Deathless Life

with Pravas

This safe, gentle experiential workshop will use movement, stillness, partner work and creativity to explore and transform your self-imposed limitations around life and what we call death. Imagine a day where there is no unfinished business, no guilt and you embrace and celebrate each dawn each day. See more