2014 Program

Our programme for 2014 featured a huge variety of workshops from local, national and international presenters. Some familiar faces, some new friends, check out the links below to just a few of our facilitators and their offerings. In addition to our daytime workshops the gathering incorporated morning meditation and yoga options and the ever popular sweatlodge to perfectly compliment swimming in the dam and relaxing in beautiful natural surroundings. The Joining 2014 - what was not to love?!
Guest Presenter: Brian Martin - JOY OF SINGING Warren Huck - BEYOND BELIEF Terrence Bishop - AWAKE ENOUGH Peter Saxon - CLEAR THE WAY Terry Oldfield & Soraya - MUSIC FROM THE HEART Pauline Ryeland - UNLOCK YOUR EROTIC CODE Peter Walkingourworld - THE AGES OF MAN Natalie Richy - UPBEAT DRUMMING WORKSHOP Pravas - MORNING MEDITATIONS Jo O'Shanesy - SEE SAW Jo O'Shanesy & Pravas - BELOVED Cynthia Connop & Ernst Dams - LIVING LOVE (DEIDA BASED) Yvonne Lumsden - A JOURNEY INTO THE YONIVERSE! Virginia Woods - COMING HOME TO THE BALANCE WITHIN Des O-Flynn - MERENGUE LATIN DANCE FOR EVERYBODY Sarah Be - THE DANCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS Shannon Ichikawa - EXPRESS YOUR DIVINE, AUTHENTIC SELF! Kerry Laizans & Brendan O'Shea - THE PATH OF THE HEART: LETTING GO OF WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE Robin Clayfield & Yvonne Lumsden - HEALING YOUR WOUNDS WITH MEN Rudran Brannock & Rob Clark - HEALING YOUR WOUNDS WITH WOMEN Robin, Yvonne, Rudran & Rob - THE ALCHEMY OF MATURE RELATING Rudran Brannock & Will Brannock - POWER OF SWEATLODGE
Brian Martin Yvonne Lumsden Des O-Flynn Terrence Bishop Peter Walkingourworld
Cynthia Connop Ernst Dams Terry Oldfield and Soraya Sarah Be Pauline Ryeland
Cynthia Connup Prem Pravas Jo O'Shanesy Peter Saxon Natalie Richy
Kerry Laizans Brendan O'Shea Robin Clayfield Rob Clark Warren Huck
Virginia Woods Rudran Brannock Will Bulmer